Legend actor Tom Hardy delivered an amusing put-down to a reporter who asked him a question about his sexuality during a press conference at Toronto International Film Festival.

The 37 year old English actor was fielding questions about his new movie, in which he plays the roles of both Ronnie and Reggie Kray, the East London gangsters who frequently made headlines in the ‘60s, when a reporter from LGBT site Daily Xtra asked him the following question.

“In the film, your character Ronnie is very open about his sexuality, but given interviews you’ve done in the past, your own sexuality seems a bit more ambiguous. Do you find it hard for celebrities to talk to media about their sexuality?”

Tom HardyTom Hardy at the Toronto International Film Festival

“I don’t find it difficult for celebrities to talk about their sexuality,” he responded straight back, before asking, “um, are you asking me about my sexuality?” Hardy is married to actress Charlotte Riley, and they’re expecting their first child early in 2016.

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“Um, sure,” the reported replied. “Why?” Hardy asked tersely, before shutting the awkward exchange down with a curt “thank you”.

The reporter was making reference to an interview that Hardy gave to Attitude magazine back in 2008, when he was asked whether he had ever had relations with men. “As a boy? Of course I have,” he replied. “I'm an actor for f***'s sake. I'm an artist. I've played with everything and everyone. But I’m not into men sexually. I love the form and the physicality but the gay sex bit does nothing for me.”

Three years later, when speaking to Marie Claire, he claimed that his words from that interview had been twisted. “I don't regret anything I've ever said - it's just a shame things are misconstrued and I don't get the opportunity to explain.” He continued: “I have never put my penis in a man. I've never had a c*** in my a***, and I have no f***ing desire for it. If that's what you like, cool. But it doesn't do it for me.”

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