While Mad Max has never been a docile franchise, we were still surprised at just how ridiculous the “Western on wheels” – as creator George Miller described it – looks with Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron leading the cast. Check it out for yourself below.

Mad Max
Tom Hardy takes on Mad Max

It’s the first trailer for the fourth Mad Max: Fury Road, and it follows a slew of new pictures and information all revealed surrounding this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Set in a dystopian future in the plains of arid Australia, Max is charged with combating crazed gangs that roam the lands on emphatically – and terrifyingly - decorated vehicles. 

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One of the more prominent aspect of this new trailer, considering it doesn’t enlighten us with regards to plot, beyond what we already know anyway, is the stunt work, which is aided by incredibly realistic explosions and, of course, slow motion. "We decided to literally do every car that’s smashed is smashed, every stunt is a real human being, even the actors do a lot of their own stunts, and so on," Miller said of the film’s stunt work. 

Hardy, who is currently filming “Legend” in which he plays both Ronald and Reggie Cray, has the daunting task of taking on the Max mantle – a character beloved in cult circles and one that is sure to garner more attention now that the Dark Knight actor is centre stage. His performance as Bane certainly galvanised a large section of comic-book aficionados. 

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"Of course it's based on the same character that they'll play, the lone warrior in the wasteland disengaged from the rest of the world," explained Miller in a press conference. "But naturally Tom brings his Tom Hardy-ness to it, and the story is different to some degree. The character is different to some degree."

Watch the teaser trailer for Mad Max below