Things are going pretty swell for Tom Hardy. The British actor has signed up to BBC 2’s hit drama, Peaky Blinders, and with his latest film performing well with the critics, Locke has a brand new poster.

Tom HardyTom Hardy at The Sun Military Awards

The news of his small screen venture was released on Twitter. “FAN EXCLUSIVE: TOM HARDY WILL JOIN THE CAST OF #PEAKYBLINDERS! As a thanks for your support, YOU are the 1st to know,” came a post from the @ThePeakyBlinder account.

Peaky Blinders tells the story of a gangster family in Birmingham fighting for control. Cillian Murphy plays the leader of a gang who sew razor blades in the peaks of their caps - hence the title. It has been a tremendous success for the BBC, who enjoyed high ratings for the historical drama. The critics liked it too, praising the gritty realism and performances from the likes of Murphy and Sam Neil.

Tom Hardy’s addition to the show will only strengthen its second season, which is due to this year.

New Locke Poster hits the web

As well as his upcoming small screen performance, Hardy has also impressed in Locke, the demanding new feature from Steven Knight. The claustrophobic film sees audiences spend an intimate 90 minutes with Hardy in a car, as his characters life turns upside down. This isn’t a high stakes drug deal or a shoot out though, this is every day life.

“I wanted an ordinary man who has this ordinary tragedy where it's something that anybody could do, but his life unravels. Which for him is the end of the world; it's not going to make the papers, it’s not a drug deal or an explosion, it's what happens to people,” explained director Knight.

“So the Welsh accent is working class without the baggage of other working class British accents like London, Liverpool or Birmingham... that was the reason,” he added, talking about Hardy’s character.

Locke poster