Tom Hardy's transition back to the small screen will be taking place in the U.S., as well as the U.K. Television network FX have acquired the rights to BBC's upcoming eight-episode series 'Taboo,' which sees the 37 year-old actor reunite with his 'Locke' director and screenwriter Steven Knight.

Tom Hardy
Hardy will star in 'Taboo' on FX and the BBC

'Taboo,' which was created by Knight, is based on an original story by Hardy and his father Chips Hardy, who is working on the production as a consulting producer, along with Ridley Scott, the network announced Tuesday (Nov 17th).

The British drama is set in 1813 and follows James Keziah Delaney (Hardy), a devious adventurer who returns from a trip to Africa along with "14 ill-gotten diamonds" to avenge the death of his father.

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After refusing to let the East Indian Company buy the family business, Delany begins to make his own shipping empire, but he quickly finds himself becoming the enemy of two opposing powerful nations, America and Britain.

"Taboo is the first major production our company, Hardy Son & Baker, is setting sail on, and it gives me great pleasure to know that we are in partnership with FX and the BBC," said Hardy, via The Hollywood Reporter. "I believe with the high standard of creative talent - with Steve Knight and Ridley Scott at the helm - and with the support and backing of these two great broadcasters, we have found the perfect home and team for Taboo."

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Filming for 'Taboo' is scheduled to begin late in 2015 in the U.K., and is slated for a premiere sometime in 2016.