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Tom Hardy Left Heartbroken After Death Of Beloved Pet Dog

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is heartbroken following the death of his beloved pet dog Woody (also called Woodstock), who has passed away after a short illness.

The 39 year old ‘Taboo’ and ‘Peaky Blinders’ star revealed that his dog, whom he described as a “shining example of man’s best friend” having rescued as a stray puppy from the roadside, had died. The two of them were frequently spotted on film sets, and Hardy had even been known to take Woody to film premieres, and he even appeared with Woody on the CBeebies 'bedtime story' episode that went viral at the end of last year.

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Tom Hardy Sets Up JustGiving Page To Help Manchester Attack Victims

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy has set up a fundraising page online via JustGiving in order to support the victims of this week’s horrific terrorist attack in Manchester.

39 year old ‘Taboo’ actor Hardy set up the fundraising page at some point on Tuesday (May 24th) in order to “raise some funds as a gesture of goodwill and love” for The British Red Cross because “the families and children will need support”. 

Titled ‘Tom Hardy’s Manchester Emergency Fund’, the page has already smashed its original target of £15,000 at the time of writing, passing £18,000 by Thursday morning (May 25th).

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Tom Hardy Turns Vigilante As He Chases London Moped Thief

Tom Hardy

If Tom Hardy doesn't land the next big superhero role it's an opportunity missed; the actor turned into street vigilante this weekend when he chased down a moped thief and detained him until the police took over. An impressive feat that stunned onlookers.

Tom Hardy at 'Taboo' premiereTom Hardy at 'Taboo' premiere

The 'Taboo' star was out walking near his home in Richmond, London on Sunday (April 23rd 2017) when he spotted a pair of young men on a stolen moped attempting to make a run for it after crashing into a luxury Mercedes. They fled through some gardens and a building site, but that didn't stop athletic Tom from chasing them down. 

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'Captain America' Star Chris Evans The Latest Celeb To Read CBeebies Bedtime Story

Chris Evans Tom Hardy

Marvel Cinematic Universe star Chris Evans is taking a break from saving the world as Captain America to be the next massive name to read a bedtime story for children’s channel CBeebies, it has been confirmed.

As such, the Hollywood pin-up is set to follow in the footsteps of fellow actor Tom Hardy, after the British star was a massive hit with parents watching with their children over the last few months, after he read stories on New Year’s Eve, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

Chris EvansChris Evans will be the latest big-name star to follow in Tom Hardy's footsteps

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Tom Hardy's 'Taboo' Gets Renewed For Second Season

Tom Hardy

It’s been an extremely popular success since it first hit screens in January this year, so it can’t be much surprise to know that ‘Taboo’, starring Tom Hardy in the lead role, has been renewed for a second season on the BBC.

The eight-part series, on which 39 year old Hardy collaborated with his father, Edward “Chips” Hardy, in writing, co-stars Oona Chaplin, Mark Gatiss and Jonathan Pryce. It has become a slow-burning success in Britain and in America, where it is broadcast on FX, and fans will be delighted to know that the series is planned for a second instalment in 2018.

Tom HardyTom Hardy attending an American premiere of 'Taboo' in 2017

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Tom Hardy Has Lost A Cool £2 Million On His New Series Taboo

Tom Hardy

Film star Tom Hardy has reportedly lost a cool £2 million following his foray into TV and his latest project: eight part BBC mini-series, Taboo. The show, which Hardy co-wrote with his father, is only in its second episode and has received favourable reviews; however, the main actor remains short changed.

Tom HardyTom Hardy is currently quite out of pocket

The 39-year-old actor created Taboo Productions Ltd to handle the finances of the series, set in 1814, which he produced and starred in.

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Tom Hardy Stokes James Bond Rumours

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy made the critical mistake of expressing his interest in being the next James Bond actor by refusing to respond to a question about it.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, the 39 year old actor got himself into a line of questioning about the presumably vacant 007 spot when he responded to the interviewer’s suggestion that Inception director Christopher Nolan would be a good replacement as director for the Bond franchise.

“Oh, wow, Chris would be amazing!” said Hardy. “Wow, that would be cool. That would be so cool.”

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Tom Hardy Responds To 'Star Wars Episode VIII' Rumours

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy has addressed rumours that he’ll be making an appearance in Star Wars Episode VIII, which hits cinemas this December.

The rumour that Hardy would appear in the next film began early last year, with the internet speculating he would be making a Daniel Craig-style cameo as a First Order stormtrooper.

Tom HardyDoes Tom Hardy have a cameo in Star Wars Episode VII?

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The Ten Most Anticipated Films Of 2017

Star Wars Daisy Ridley Tom Hardy Christopher Nolan Emma Watson Gal Gadot Dwayne Johnson Steve Carell Scarlett Johansson Vin Diesel Judi Dench Andy Serkis

As always, there are far too many sequels, spin-offs, remakes and reboots clogging the cinemas, but hopefully they'll be better than 2016's lacklustre batch. (Release dates are subject to change.)

Rey tracks down Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode VIII

Star Wars: Episode Viii - Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, John Boyega, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill continue the saga (Dec). More sci-fi sequels worth waiting for: the gang reteams for more space antics in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (May), Michael Fassbender returns for Alien: Covenant (May), and Harrison Ford is back for Blade Runner 2049 (Oct).

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Tom Hardy And His Dog To Read CBeebies Bedtime Story On New Year's Eve

Tom Hardy

The BBC has delighted stressed-out mothers up and down the land with the announcement that Tom Hardy will be reading a bedtime story on CBeebies this New Year’s Eve.

The 39 year old English actor is perhaps best known for physically imposing roles such as the Kray twins in Legend, and the strongman Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

However, Hardy is also a father of two young children, and will be showing his caring side when he reads ‘You Must Bring a Hat’ by Simon Philip and Kate Hindley on CBeebies on December 31st. The story, aimed at children aged two upwards, tells of a little boy who is going to a party.

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Tom Hardy Is Getting A New Tattoo After Losing Bet With Leonardo DiCaprio

Tom Hardy Leonardo Dicaprio

Tom Hardy is about to add to his vast tattoo collection, after losing a bet with Leonardo Dicaprio his co-star in The Revenant.

The two actors had a bet over wether or not Hardy would receive an Oscar nomination for his supporting role in the drama, with DiCaprio coming out the winner.

Tom HardyTom Hardy lost a bet to Leonardo DiCaprio over his Oscar prospects

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Tom Hardy Teams Up With His Father On Gritty Period Drama 'Taboo'

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy seems to be enjoying the small screen at the moment following his 'Peaky Blinders' stint, because now he stars in another TV show entitled 'Taboo'. It's a period drama which he co-created with his father Chips Hardy and it's coming to you next year.

Tom Hardy in 'Taboo'Tom Hardy stars in new series 'Taboo'

'Taboo' marks Tom's first collaboration with his father (real name Edward Hardy) who is a novellist and comedy writer. It has been co-written by the Oscar nominated Steven Knight; the man behind 'Peaky Blinders' and Robert Zemeckis' new World War II drama 'Allied' starring Brad Pitt; plus, Ridley Scott serves as an executive producer. Meanwhile, direction for the 8-part series has been split evenly between Anders Engström ('Thicker Than Water') and Kristoffer Nyholm ('The Enfield Haunting'). 

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'Peaky Blinders' Gets Renewed For Another Two Series

Cillian Murphy Tom Hardy Barbara Windsor

BBC gangster drama ‘Peaky Blinders’ has been renewed for another two series, Deadline has confirmed. The drama, which is currently airing its third season in the UK, received a double order from BBC Two thanks to its massive success at home and aboard.

Peaky Blinders‘Peaky Blinders’ has been renewed by the BBC for another two series.

‘Peaky Blinders’ also airs in the US on Netflix, with season three set to begin airing on May 31st. There’s currently no word on wether Netflix will also pick up seasons four and five, but it’s unlikely that the streaming service would let this big hit go.

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Tom Hardy Is Starring In Musical Mystery Thriller, London Road

Tom Hardy

There is no doubt that Tom Hardy is an acting chameleon. He amassed a hoard of comic book fans through his excellent portrayal as the villain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, he was a sharp and brilliant as Eames in Inception and he oozed Cold War espionage as Ricky Tarr in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

London RoadHardy has stepped into an unusual road in London Road 

However, despite his obvious talent and incredible wide-range, Hardy’s attachment to musical adaptation London Road may come as a surprise to a few.

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London Road Trailer

Between 2006 and 2008, Steve Wright killed five people in the town of Ipswich, Suffolk. The residents of London Road found themselves in the heart of the media storm, and were shocked by the representation of their neighbourhood in the press. Throughout the course of one of the most challenging times in their lives, the residents of London Road came together to repaint, remake, and re-establish their homes into something they could be truly proud of, and something that would stop the country associating them with the murders. This is the story of the residents of London Road.

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Gary Oldman Brands The USSR Government The 'Real Killer' In 'Child 44'

Gary Oldman Tom Hardy

Gary Oldman stars alongside Tom Hardy in the Soviet thriller 'Child 44'; a film that was recently banned by Russia for its depictions of events during the era of Stalin. Oldman plays an army general, who he dubs a 'hero' in the piece.

Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy in 'Child 44'Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy star in 'Child 44'

It's no wonder Daniel Espinosa's latest movie has caused a stir overseas. Based on the true story of serial killer Andrei Chikatilo (also known as the Butcher of Rostov), it reveals how the Soviet government refused to acknowledge a series of horrific crimes being so determined maintain the facade of a crime-fee communist state. A disgraced military police officer named Leo Demidov (portrayed by the man of many voices Tom Hardy with another incredible accent) takes it upon himself to investigate, only to be met with denial and threats at every turn. Joining him in his case is Gary Oldman's character, the formidable and initially sceptical General Mikhail Nesterov.

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'Child 44' Is Praised And Banned

Tom Hardy Noomi Rapace Gary Oldman

As 'Child 44' opens in cinemas this weekend, novelist Tom Rob Smith is praising Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace as the perfect actors to bring his characters to life on the big screen. But since the story is set in the Soviet Union, Russia's officials have had a very different reaction to the movie.

Noomi Rapace and Tom Hardy in 'Child 44'
Noomi Rapace and Tom Hardy in 'Child 44'

Indeed, Russia's culture ministry has banned the movie across the country, saying that it "distorts" historical facts. The story is a fictionalised version of the true case of a serial killer who was executed in 1994 for killing 52 children and women. The film, by contrast, is set at the beginning of the Cold War in 1953.

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Child 44 Review


A meaty, fascinating story is splintered into three plot strands that battle for the viewer's attention, so while the film is never boring, it's also oddly uninvolving. Fortunately, it has an excellent cast and is shot with skill and a relentless intensity to feel like a big, epic-style dramatic thriller with heavy political overtones.

After a scene-setting prologue, the story starts in 1953 Moscow, where Leo (Tom Hardy) is a war hero now working in the military police, purging the city of its spies. Or at least its suspected spies. In the Soviet socialist utopia, crime officially doesn't exist, but Leo finds it difficult to tell his best pal Alexei (Fares Fares) that his 8-year-old son was killed in a train accident when he was so clearly tortured and murdered. Ordered by his boss (Vincent Cassel) to let it go, and menaced by his rival colleague Vasili (Joel Kinnaman), Leo continues investigating, resulting in a reprimand that sees Leo and his wife Raisa (Noomi Rapace) relocated to the the grim industrial city of Volsk. But when another young boy's body appears here, Leo gets his new boss (Gary Oldman) to see the connection.

There are at least three main plots in this film, and the filmmakers oddly never allow one to become the central strand. There's the mystery involving this brutal, unhinged serial killer (Paddy Considine) stalking boys along the railway. There's the thriller about Leo being brutally taunted by Vasili, who has a thing for Raisa and is trying to crush them for good. But the only emotionally engaging strand is Leo and Raisa's complex marriage relationship, which takes a couple of unexpected turns. Along the way, there are several action sequences shot with shaky cameras and edited so they're impossible to follow. And there's a sense that the film also wants to be a grandiose Russian epic with its expansive cinematography and big orchestral score.

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A Week In Movies: Russell Crowe Hits Madrid, Julie Andrews Graces Los Angeles And M:I-5 Disrupts Streets In London, While New Trailers Arrive For Spectre, Southpaw And Mad Max

Russell Crowe Julie Andrews Tom Cruise Daniel Craig Jake Gyllenhaal Forest Whitaker Tom Hardy

The Water Diviner

As his new film The Water Diviner begins to roll out across Europe this weekend, actor and first-time director Russell Crowe was on-hand in Madrid this week for a red carpet premiere with glamorous costar Olga Kurylenko. The duo posed for selfies with the fans before screening the film, which arrives in America at the end of the month.

Photos - Madrid premiere of 'The Water Diviner'

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Mad Max Is Furious In Film Number Four

Tom Hardy Charlize Theron

Mel Gibson is mad no more (at least as Max Rockatansky) as British screen delight, Tom Hardy, steps out of the flames into the title role of this fourth outing of the franchise, Mad Max: Fury Road.

Mad Max: Fury Road
The post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max is back for a fourth time

The latest trailer for this newest film set in the Australian post-apocalyptic world of director George Miller is out and, after years in the making, it seems quite possible that fans will not be disappointed.

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Mad Max: Fury Road - Extended Trailer

Mad Max just keeps on running. With nothing else to lose in his life, his only instinct is to survive the ever more savage climate the world has become. Trapped in the Australian desert where water and oil run low and any resources are precious, he finds living easier when he's alone, occasionally interacting to rescue the odd tribe who have found themselves in serious trouble. When he his captured by power-hungry barbarians intent on claiming the world and its inhabitants as their own, he must escape; though sometimes that means using more force than you ever thought you were capable of. On the way he meets Furiosa, a desperate woman on a mission to re-discover her childhood home and find salvation. There's more sand-soaked stunts and death-defying action as Max hits the road in his most brutal adventure yet.

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Tom Hardy Debuts Yet Another Fine Accent In Ridley Scott Thriller 'Child 44' [Trailer]

Tom Hardy Ridley Scott Noomi Rapace Gary Oldman Joel Kinnaman Charles Dance Greg Shapiro Richard Price

Tom Hardy has a go at yet another accent in the Ridley Scott produced 'Child 44', an adaptation of Tom Rob Smith's award-winning 2008 novel about a series of brutal murders during the time of the Soviet Union.

Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy in 'Child 44'
Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy go head to head in 'Child 44'

Hardy plays a former Russian military officer named Leo Demidov in the thriller, who's offered the highest protection in the wake of his war heroism. But things take a dark turn when it becomes apparent that a set of ongoing child killings are being covered up by the authorities, and Demidov wants to do the right thing and find the perpetrator - to much anger from his Stalin obsessed superiors. 

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Child 44 Trailer

During the Second World War, many Russian men were able to make a name for themselves as heroes. Returning home to their victorious country, many discovered that the Communist utopia they had fought to defend may have been more fictitious than they originally thought. For Leo Demidov (Tom Hardy), this truth comes harshly. Having become a hero for his efforts in the war against Germany, Demidov is given the job as a secret policeman. But when he comes across the case of a potential serial killer that hunts children, his superiors refuse to acknowledge the crime, maintaining that they live in a perfect world. After being exiled from Moscow for refusing to drop the case, Demidov must search for the real truth behind the killings, despite knowing that the truth could be dangerous.

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Leonardo Dicaprio Stars In Alejandro González Inarritu's Follow Up To 'Birdman' [Photos]

Leonardo Dicaprio Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu Tom Hardy

'Birdman' still has yet to open in some countries and already has multiple Academy Award nominations. One of these nomination is a 'Best Director' nod for Alejandro González Iñárritu, which will certainly help with his upcoming film's promotion. Said film is already in production, as it happens, and its premise alone is about as far away from 'Birdman' as you can get.

Leonardo DiCaprio as the mythic trapper John Glass in 'The Revenant'
Leonardo Dicaprio as the mythic trapper John Glass in 'The Revenant'

'The Revenant' is based on the 2003 novel of the same name by Michael Punke, and follows the story of American fur trapper Hugh Glass, who was injured by a grizzly bear on a hunt, and left for dead by his fellow trappers. After coming to and discovering that he had suffered horrific wounds before being left 200 miles from civilisation, Glass was forced to crawl that distance through an area of disputed land that various Native American tribes were fighting over. All the time, Glass was unarmed, alone, and close to death from his wounds. And if you haven't guessed by now, yes, it is based on a true story.

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Tom Hardy Is Out Of The 'Suicide Squad' Movie, But Is Jake Gyllenhaal Next In Line For Rick Flagg Role?

Tom Hardy Jake Gyllenhaal

It’s time to shed a little tear at what could have been, as Tom Hardy is officially out of the upcoming ‘Suicide Squad’ movie. But luckily all is not lost for the supervillain collective, as Jake Gyllenhaal is said to be being eyed as Hardy’s replacement.

Tom HardyTom Hardy has left the 'Suicide Squad'.

The news of Hardy’s departure was first broken by The Hollywood Reporter yesterday, who also write that Warner Bros is now trying to land Jake Gyllenhaal for the role of Rick Flagg. Despite an Oscar snub Gyllenhaal is currently a hot commodity in Hollywood after his standout performance in Nightcrawler.

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Casting For 2016's 'Suicide Squad' Announced

Jared Leto Will Smith Tom Hardy Cara Delevingne

In possibly controversial news, the casting for DC Comics’ supervillain team-up movie Suicide Squad has been announced, and the biggest news of all is that Jared Leto has been selected to portray the Joker, and starring roles have also been given to Will Smith and Tom Hardy.

Jared Leto
Jared Leto will play the Joker in 2016's 'Suicide Squad'. Can he be as awesome as Heath Ledger?

Late on Tuesday, Warner Bros. confirmed the highly anticipated casting. Smith will play Deadshot, and Hardy will play the group’s leader Rick Flagg. The rest of the Suicide Squad will be Jai Courtney as Boomerang, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, and Cara Delevingne as Enchantress.

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FX Lands Rights To BBC Series 'Taboo', With Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy Steven Knight Ridley Scott

FX has landed the domestic rights to the BBC period drama Taboo, which will star Tom Hardy. The series hails from Ridley Scott and World War Z scribe Steven Knight and is the first project to come from Hardy's production company Hardy Son & Baker.

Tom HardyTom Hardy and Steven Knight prevously worked together on Locke

Taboo revolves around an adventurer who returns from Africa in 1813 to build a trade and shipping empire and seek vengeance for the death of his father. He refuses to sell the family business to the East India Company and suddenly finds himself playing a very dangerous business game. Eight episodes will go into production with a premiere date eyed for 2016.

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FX Acquire Tom Hardy's Upcoming BBC Drama 'Taboo'

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy's transition back to the small screen will be taking place in the U.S., as well as the U.K. Television network FX have acquired the rights to BBC's upcoming eight-episode series 'Taboo,' which sees the 37 year-old actor reunite with his 'Locke' director and screenwriter Steven Knight.

Tom Hardy
Hardy will star in 'Taboo' on FX and the BBC

'Taboo,' which was created by Knight, is based on an original story by Hardy and his father Chips Hardy, who is working on the production as a consulting producer, along with Ridley Scott, the network announced Tuesday (Nov 17th).

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The Drop Review


A slow-burning intensity sets this crime thriller apart from the crowd, directed by Belgian filmmaker Michael Roskam with a sharp focus on flawed characters who continually surprise each other. It's also a strikingly involving screenplay by Dennis Lehane, an author known for flashier thrillers like Mystic River and Shutter Island (this is his first film script, based on his short story Animal Rescue). All of this pays off with terrific performances from an excellent cast and situations that genuinely shake up the audience, even if it remains moody and subdued right to the end.

It's set in Brooklyn, where bars take turns acting as the mafia drop point for the day's takings. And after Cousin Marv's Bar is robbed on a non-drop day, Chechen gangster Chovka (Michael Aronov) is furious. Even though he has assumed ownership of the bar from Marv (James Gandolfini), Chovka orders him to get the $5,000 back, implying that Marv knows the thieves. So Marv turns to his mild-mannered barman Bob (Tom Hardy) for help. Bob knows how to keep his head down, and as he works on finding the cash, he discovers an abused puppy abandoned in a trash can outside the home of Nadia (Noomi Rapace), who helps him nurse the dog back to health. But the puppy - and Nadia - were both cast aside by the thuggish Eric (Matthias Schoenaerts), who doesn't want to let anything go.

Viewers expecting an action-packed crime thriller might be disappointed by the muted tone of this film, but it's the kind of story that worms its way under the skin, creating complex characters who are constantly revealing new details about themselves as the situation inexorably escalates around them. Hardy is simply superb, layering all kinds of emotions into Bob's actions as he struggles to maintain his composure while everyone around him does something inexplicable. As a result, the film's final act is a sequence of heart-stopping moments that make the most of the witty, nervy and darkly gritty scenes that went before.

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'The Drop' Starring Tom Hardy Is A European Invasion

Tom Hardy James Gandolfini

For such a deeply American story, written by that chronicler of blue-collar New England life Dennis Lehane, the new crime thriller 'The Drop' boasts a strikingly foreign pedigree. Which probably explains why it has surprised many American critics with its distinctly European arthouse tone. In Time Magazine, Richard Corliss writes, "You have to sit through the slow parts to savour the cool parts."

James Gandolfini and Tom Hardy in 'The Drop'
Tom Hardy stars in the final film to feature the late James Gandolfini

The film is directed by Michael Roskam, the Belgian filmmaker whose tough drama 'Bullhead' was nominated for the foreign-language Oscar in 2012. For 'The Drop' he reteams with that film's lead actor, fellow Belgian Matthias Shoenaerts, who after 'Bullhead' garnered acclaim in two films co-starring Marion Cotillard ('Rust & Bone' and 'Blood Ties'), and will soon be seen opposite Kate Winslet in the British-French period rom-com 'A Little Chaos'.

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Peaky Blinders To Conclude At Start Of World War II?

Tom Hardy Cillian Murphy Steven Knight

Peaky Blinders season 2 came to its rollocking conclusion on Thursday night (December 6, 2014) affectively cementing its status as one of the most original, hard-hitting dramas on television. We need only to delve into previous comments made by creator Steven Knight to realise that the BBC probably has big plans for this.

peaky Blinders

Speaking at the BAFTA's 2014 Screenwriter Lectures earlier this year, Knight - who's currently writing the World War Z sequel - said he had already plotted a series finale for Peaky Blinders.

Continue reading: Peaky Blinders To Conclude At Start Of World War II?

James Gandolfini's Swansong 'The Drop' Is A Thrilling, Fitting End

James Gandolfini Tom Hardy

It would be easy to become sentimental and profess 'The Drop' - the final movie starring the late James Gandolfini - as the finest of his career. A movie that perfectly encapsulated every inch of his craft. The Drop is probably not that movie - Enough Said is that movie - but Michael R Roskam's thriller is an accomplished movie that features a commanding central performance from the Sopranos man, who is effortlessly supported by the talented Tom Hardy.

The DropJames Gandolfini in 'The Drop'

The British actor plays bartender Bob Saginowski, who funnels cash to local gangsters from his Brooklyn drinking hole. However, under the heavy hand of his employer and cousin Marv (Gandolfini), Bob finds himself at the center of a robbery gone awry and a subsequent investigation digs deep into the neighbourhood's criminal past.

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'Mad Max' Director George Miller "Heartbroken" Over Mel Gibson's Plight

Mel Gibson Mad Max George Miller Tom Hardy Charlize Theron

George Miller, director of Mad Max: Fury Road, says he is "heartbroken" over the personal plight of Mel Gibson - the star of the original 1979 movie and its subsquent sequels. Miller picked Tom Hardy to lead the fourth film of the post-apocalyptic action franchise though has sympathy for Gibson, whom he describes as a "wonderful actor."

Mad Max Tom HardyTom Hardy replaced Mel Gibson as Mad Max

"I have a great affection for Mel. I was really heartbroken to see him go into that," Miller said in a recent interview.

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New 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Teaser Trailer Hits The Web. It's Insane. [Trailer]

Tom Hardy Charlize Theron George Miller

While Mad Max has never been a docile franchise, we were still surprised at just how ridiculous the “Western on wheels” – as creator George Miller described it – looks with Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron leading the cast. Check it out for yourself below.

Mad Max
Tom Hardy takes on Mad Max

It’s the first trailer for the fourth Mad Max: Fury Road, and it follows a slew of new pictures and information all revealed surrounding this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Set in a dystopian future in the plains of arid Australia, Max is charged with combating crazed gangs that roam the lands on emphatically – and terrifyingly - decorated vehicles. 

Continue reading: New 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Teaser Trailer Hits The Web. It's Insane. [Trailer]

Mad Max Trailer

Max Rockatansky is a formidable traveller of the Australian outback, still fighting against the dystopian setting whereby population is low and resources are few. He is still suffering from past traumas - the loss of his family due to rogue criminals - and is scarred from his frequent rescue missions of the various tribes he has come across over the decades. This time, however, he is more prepared than ever to deal with the ever growing brutality of the ruffians out to kill him, and as usual he is prepared to be just as savage in order to survive. It's been a long time since any kind of law and order was held in the world, so sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. On his latest journey for peace, he meets Furiosa; a woman desperate to live life once again and is convinced that her childhood hometown on the other side of the desert holds the key to tranquility in her life.

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'Mad Max: Fury Road' - New Stills And Poster Appear From Comic Con [Pictures]

Tom Hardy Charlize Theron George Miller

Max Max: Fury Road was one of the most anticipated films at the San Diego Comic Con this weekend, and in line with the film’s extended coverage, an exclusive piece of Comic Con Artwork alongside a selection of first look stills has been released for your consummate delectation.

Tom HardyTom Hardy as the weathered motorcycle enforcer, Mad Max

It's been nearly 30 years since the last sequel in the franchise hit theatres, becoming the top-grossing Australian film and holding the Guinness record for most profitable film for decades. The plot sees the titular character fight delinquency in a dystopian future filled with zealot motorcycle gangs and high crime.

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Everything You Need To Know About 'The Revenant' Starring Leonardo DiCaprio And Tom Hardy

Leonardo Dicaprio Tom Hardy

The cast of Leonardo Dicaprio’s next film The Revenant is finally beginning to take shape, with his Inception co-star Tom Hardy signing on to the project. The western thriller, which is based on a true story, is set to begin shooting this fall, with Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu at the helm. But what do we know about the movie so far?

Leonardo DiCaprioThe Revenant will star DiCaprio as Hugh Glass

The plot

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Tom Hardy And Charlize Theron Put The 'Fury' In 'Mad Max: Fury Road'

Tom Hardy Charlize Theron

On July 25th, "Entertainment Weekly" released the first images for their July 4th issue featuring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron clad in dystopian military garb. This is some of the first press materials for the reboot of the classic Australian action franchise Mad Max. 

Tom HardyTom Hardy stars in Mad Max [Photo: Getty images, credit: Ben Pruchnie]

George Miller, the man who first brought Mad Max to the big screen returned to helm this new installment of the beloved post-apocalyptic action series. According to Miller, the film keeps the dialogue to a minimum, opting instead for blistering action sequences and threadbare characterization.  "I wanted to tell a linear story-a chase that starts as the movie begins and continues for 110 minutes," the filmmaker told "EW." 

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Dr. Strange Rumors: Prometheus Scribe Is On Board And Jared Leto Is Still Starring

Jared Leto Tom Hardy Benedict Cumberbatch

For Marvel Dr. Strange isn’t that strange - the studio has put the thrusters behind more obscure franchises in the past. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be easy. Scott Derrickson (Deliver Us from Evil, Sinister) is apparently directing a screenplay written by Thomas Dean Donnelly, but as is the case with any Marvel property, the rumors are still flying around.

Jared LetoWill Jared Leto be Marvel's Dr. Strange?

Just for a bit of background: Dr. Strange, born of the 1960s, is a surgeon that suffers a life-changing car accident and eventually heads to the Himalayas. Whilst there, he gains psychic powers and saves the day, protecting the Earth against magical and mystical threats. It’s a bit like Batman, but Strange actually has a non-earthly power to call upon. 

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First Look At Tom Hardy As Both Kray Twins In 'Legend' [Picture]

Tom Hardy

The first official image of Tom Hardy starring as the Kray twins, Ronnie and Reggie, has been released. Hardy has been cast to play both twins in Brian Helgeland’s upcoming biopic about the infamous London gangsters who have become iconic British figures.

Tom Hardy legendTom Hardy as both Reggie and Ronnie Kray

The biopic, which is called “Legend,” will look at the relationship between the twins as they govern the London criminal underworld in the 1960s. The Krays were the most feared gangsters in London, yet they also lived dual lives as public figures, owning a nightclub in the West End, "Esmeralda’s Barn."

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Locke Review


A riveting performance from Tom Hardy makes this pseudo-thriller utterly riveting, turning even the most contrived plot elements into punchy drama. Like Robert Redford in All Is Lost or Sandra Bullock in Gravity, this one-person show also works as an intriguing cinematic experiment: telling an entire story centred only on a man driving a car for 90 minutes.

Hardy plays construction foreman Ivan Locke, who's set to oversee the biggest concrete pour in Europe. But at the crucial moment, he abandons his post and hits the road for a late-night drive from Birmingham to London. He turns his work responsibility over to his extremely nervous assistant (voiced by Andrew Scott), but has a tough time calming down the corporate bosses. He also phones his sons (Tom Holland and Bill Milner) to tell them he won't make it home to watch the big game, but he struggles to explain to his angry wife (Ruth Wilson) the reason he's driving to London to meet a middle-aged woman (Olivia Colman), who is also sounding rather stressed down the line.

As Hardy's character tries to salvage his marriage, family and career, his moral conundrum becomes increasingly intense, and Hardy plays him as a man whose internal turmoil is raging behind his confident voice. It's a remarkably effective performance, gripping and involving, asking big questions even if the script never quite gets around to grappling with the issues at hand. It's also playing rather heavily on the irony that doing the right thing is likely to cost Ivan pretty much everything, leaving him alone and despised like his father.

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Is Tom Hardy The Right Choice To Play The Next Bond?

Tom Hardy Daniel Craig

Tom Hardy has been the public’s number one choice to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond since, well, pretty much as soon as Craig ordered his first martini. That’s not to say that Daniel Craig isn’t immensely popular as Bond, people just like a good old speculation. We'll go into mourning when DC hangs up his Bond boots, but it's simply an inevitable part of playing the secret agent.

Tom Hardy James Bond Tom Hardy is the number one contender for the role of James Bond

The question is, is Tom Hardy the right guy to play 007? Let’s look at some facts. At 36 years old Tom Hardy is finally at the right age to play James Bond. Bond needs to be approaching middle age, that kind of suave and sophistication just isn’t achieved by younger men! Timothy Dalton was originally offered the role of Bond in 1968 when Sean Connery retired. Dalton was just 24 or 25 years old, but he felt he was too young at the time. When he eventually played Bond in 1987 he was a huge success - just goes to show the necessity of Bond being ‘of a certain age’!

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These Celebrity Doppelgängers Prove The Existence Of A Celebrity Factory

Javier Bardem Jeffrey Dean Morgan Penelope Cruz Paz Vega Amber Heard Scarlett Johansson Leighton Meester Minka Kelly Tom Hardy Logan Marshall-Green Katy Perry

We’re starting to suspect that there’s only a handful of famous people, but that they each just have a few different aliases. We’ve never been able to put our finger on it until recently, but some of these celebs look far too similar to be different people. We’re considering a theory that there is a celebrity factory and they only have a few different molds to work with.

Paz Vega doppelganger Paz Vega or Penelope Cruz?  We just can't work it out!

Take Penelope Cruz and Paz Vega for example. It’s hard to believe that these two aren’t at least a little bit related. We only realised recently that it’s Paz starring alongside Adam Sandler in Spanglish and not Penelope. 

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Olivia Colman, Tom Hardy Land Roles In Ipswich Prostitute Murder Musical Movie

Olivia Colman Tom Hardy Anita Dobson

Olivia Colman has been cast in the upcoming film adaptation of London Road, the National Theatre musical about the real life Ipswich prostitute serial killings. Colman will reportedly play Julie, a Neighbourhood Watch volunteer who works to revive the sense of community spirit lost in the wake of the five terrifying killings, according to The Telegraph.

Olivia Colman
Olivia Colman Has Been Cast In The Stage-To-Film Adaptation Of 'London Road.'

The film will show Julie doing her bit to raise spirits by organising a local 'in bloom' competition to spruce up the area with floral displays. The Broadchurch actress will star alongside The Dark Knight Rises star Tom Hardy, who will play a taxi driver, and EastEnder's Anita Dobson will play one of the town's residents.

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Tom Hardy To Work With Ridley Scott On BBC Period Drama 'Taboo'

Tom Hardy Ridley Scott Ruth Wilson Olivia Colman James Gandolfini Cillian Murphy

Tom Hardy and Sir Ridley Scott will be working together on an upcoming eight part BBC drama Taboo, based on an original story created by Hardy and his father.

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy has teamed up with his father on the upcoming BBC project.

Taboo will follow Hardy as an adventurer who, whilst developing his own shipping company, is faced with the competition in the form of the East India Company. Set in 1813, Taboo will see Hardy's character, James Delaney, deal with a whole form of commercial sabotage from the trading company, as the BBC reports.

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The Drop Trailer

Bob Saginowski works behind the bar at Cousin Marv's in Brooklyn - an establishment often referred to by local criminals as a 'drop bar'. It's where all the money in the town, acquired by illicit means, is dropped off and kept safe from rival gangs and authorities. However, Cousin Marv's turns out to be less safe than they thought when two masked armed robbers break in while Bob and Marv are cashing up and demand all the money. Despite Marv's warnings about who they are really stealing from, the thieves leave with their loot and Marv and Bob find themselves in a sticky situation when one mean crime boss wants it back. Getting involved in circumstances like this is the last thing these guys want and Marv starts to wish he was as well-respected as he used to be. After a vicious killing occurs, the stakes get higher. Will the duo manage to win back the mob's money? And what's the significance of a lost pitbull puppy? 

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Locke - Teaser Trailer

Ivan Locke could well be the model of a perfect life with his beautiful family, comfortable life and a job that is only continuing to offer more and more. However, everyone's got a past and this man's is coming back to haunt him as an incident regarding his younger self threatens the stability of his idyllic existence. He is forced to leave an important job in the construction profession that would've been of significant value to his career in order to drive to London and settle a matter that has been hanging in the air since he was in his twenties. It's a 90 minute journey that seems to take forever as he attempts to resolve a variety of issues that have arisen both at work and at home over the phone. He also finds himself talking to his dead father as he battles to save his family, his job and his sanity.

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Tom Hardy Signs Up For Peaky Blinders + New Locke Poster Hits The Web

Tom Hardy

Things are going pretty swell for Tom Hardy. The British actor has signed up to BBC 2’s hit drama, Peaky Blinders, and with his latest film performing well with the critics, Locke has a brand new poster.

Tom HardyTom Hardy at The Sun Military Awards

The news of his small screen venture was released on Twitter. “FAN EXCLUSIVE: TOM HARDY WILL JOIN THE CAST OF #PEAKYBLINDERS! As a thanks for your support, YOU are the 1st to know,” came a post from the @ThePeakyBlinder account.

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Johnny Depp Set To Play Notorious Gangster Whitey Bulgar In 'Black Mass'

Johnny Depp Tom Hardy Matt Damon

In departure from his usually fantastical roles, Johnny Depp is stepping back into the bad boy gangster mind set by playing Whitey Bulgar in Black Mass. Tom Hardy is also in talks to play corrupt FBI agent and long-time friend of Bulgar, John Connolly.

Johnny DeppJohnny Depp is finally confirmed to play the notorious gangster

Depp’s involvement in the project had seemed ropey, with the recently maligned actor seemingly stepping down from the project after being on board. Now, with Scott Cooper – director of Crazy Heart – on board, Depp seems to be back and committed to the role. The idea was floated this time last year, when Barry Levinson was supposed to be directing.

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Why 2014/15 Could Be Tom Hardy's Time To Shine, Even Brighter

Tom Hardy

It took until 2010 for Tom Hardy to really be recognized for his talents. His role as Eames in Christopher Nolan’s Inception ‘put him on the map’, even though he’d been a jobbing actor for years before the mind-bending dream epic hit cinemas.

Tom HardyTom Hardy at The Sun Military Awards

Since then, his turn as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises certainly attracted the attention of anyone oblivious to his patently obvious talents. He’s now as in-demand as any young British actor, and his rapping ability only adds to his cache.

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Star Wars Episode VII: What Does That Darth Vader Selfie Mean?

Jj Abrams Benedict Cumberbatch Tom Hardy

The marketing hype for Star Wars: Episode VII officially kicked off when an Instagram for the film was inaugurated with a picture of Darth Vader. As Disney, Lucasfilms and whichever part of the organization is involved in PR know, they can’t just post that and not expect a fresh turn of the rumor mill.

Star Wars logoStar Wars: Episode VII is coming in 2015

It almost certainly means Darth Vader will be making an appearance in the film, leaving hardcore sci-fi fans pondering the context in which he’ll star. Most likely are flashbacks; to bed out the story for a new, younger audience, the screenplay – which has had plenty of problems – might include historical scenes from the mind-matter of Luke Skywalker to fill out any potential plot confusion. In this case, we can’t see casting news for Vader hitting the headlines, as the part won’t be significant enough.

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A Week In Movies: Thor 2 Premieres In London, Casting Choices Surprise Fans, Veteran Stars Talk About Their New Films

Chris Hemsworth Tom Hiddleston Natalie Portman Jamie Dornan Tom Hardy Sylvester Stallone Robert De Niro Morgan Freeman

Thor Dark World

The stars of Thor: The Dark World descended on London for the world premiere in Leicester Square this week. Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Natalie Portman posed for the paparazzi and greeted screaming fans before the screening. The film has had terrific word of mouth in advance of its opening in the UK next week and in America the week after. Browse through our photos from the 'Thor: The Dark World' world premiere held at the Odeon Leicester Square, London. Or click here to watch the trailer.

The big news this week is the casting of another UK actor, Jamie Dornan, as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, the kinky romance costarring Dakota Johnson. Best known for TV series like Once Upon a Time and The Fall, Dornan replaced Charlie Hunnam (Pacific Rim) in the role. If you're asking yourself 'Who Is Jamie Dornan?' Check out our cheat sheet for 'Fifty Shades of Grey's' Christian.

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Tom Hardy To Play Elton John. Four Clips Of Tom Hardy Singing.

Tom Hardy Elton John

Tom Hardy has won the race to play Elton John in Michael Gracey's biography Rocketman. As Deadline reported in June, FilmDistrict paid $10 million to acquire the U.S. rights to the movie, which is written by Billy Elliot's Lee Hall.

The company snapped up the movie after it became the talk of Cannes, where it was shopped by UTA - the agency that structured the financing. FilmDistrict's Peter Schlessel has since taken over Focus Features, which will release the movie with a promise of sizable P&A.

Rocketman will follow Elton's journey from musical prodigy, to winning a scholarship at the Royal Academy of Music, to his rebellious teenage years and finally becoming a global icon who outsold just about every musical artist of his era. 

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Tom Hardy To Play Elton John In 'Rocketman' Biopic: Really?

Elton John Tom Hardy

In an upcoming planned biopic looking at the life of legendary British singer and songwriter Elton John, British actor Tom Hardy has reportedly been cast as the 'Rocketman' himself. The film will follow Reginald Dwight, AKA Elton, in his journey from his beginnings as a child piano prodigy through to his global conquering superstardom and fame.

Elton John
Elton John's Story Set To Be Immortalised In A Biopic.

Set to start shooting in late 2014, the movie will be written by Lee Hall who wrote the Oscar-nominated screenplay Billy Elliot and was involved in the production of the recent War Horse film. Hardy's is a most unconventional casting: the actor clearly has proven acting talent but has appeared as tough-guy characters in most of his film appearances; the most notable of which was baddie Bane in last year's The Dark Knight Rises.

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Tom Hardy To Star In The First English-Language Film From Japan's Takashi Miike

Tom Hardy Takashi Miike

Tom Hardy has been chosen to take on the lead role in the upcoming thriller, The Outsider, in which he plays a former GI who is recruited by the Japanese Yakuza mafia. The film is particularly noteworthy as it is the first English-language film from acclaimed director and the king of Japanese horror Takashi Miike.

The story was broken on Thursday (June 6) by Deadline, who mentioned that Hardy has been confirmed for the film whilst Miike is currently in negotiations to direct still, with Andrew Baldwin having completed the script already. The film is being financed by the independent Silver Pictures, with producers Joel Silver, Andrew Rona and Steve Richards overseeing the project that is due to begin shooting in Japan in early 2014.

The film will be more than just your average action thriller too, and is why someone held in such esteem as Miike is being courted to direct, and follows Hardy's American GI who finds himself in post-World War II Japan as he becomes embroiled by the nefarious dealings of the yakuza. There have been few other details into the story leaked online just yet, but expect a few twists and turns if Miike is to become involved.

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No Love For The Dark Knight Rises At This Year's Oscars

Christopher Nolan Ben Affleck Academy Of Motion Pictures And Sciences Tom Hardy Heath Ledger Anne Hathaway

Christopher Nolan's epic conclusion to the celebrated Dark Knight trilogy was released in the summer of 2012, with many critics agreeing that it was already a viable contender for Oscar season, but of the 24 categories on offer, The Dark Knight Rises didn't receive a single nod.

Everyone seems to be up in arms over Ben Affleck's omission from the Best Director category, or over Skyfall's similarly unanimous snub (although, rightly so, it has been given the nod for Best Cinematography as well as nominations for its soundtrack and editing), but it does come as quite a surprise to see so few remarks about the lack of Batman at The Oscars.

Ok, we all agree that the film maybe wasn't overall as good as its predecessor The Dark Knight, but it was still one hell of a show (and how was Tom Hardy supposed to compete with Heath Ledger's Joker). From the colossal set designs (Bane's sewer-based lair), the quite brilliant costumes on show (Catwoman and Bane's mask) and the film's deep underlying messages reflecting our own world, raising questions about class, wealth and power, has a more deserving and appropriate for our time film been made this year? You'd have to say no, not really.

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From Bane To Bond: Why Tom Hardy Would Make A Brilliant 007

Tom Hardy James Bond Daniel Craig

With the iconic James Bond franchise set to receive a significant amount of attention at the upcoming Academy Awards ceremony given that 'Skyfall' marked the spy series' 50th anniversary as well as becoming the biggest blockbuster of the year in terms of both commercial and critical success, it's only natural that we've started to wonder about Bond number seven. After all, Daniel Craig has completed a total of three 007 flicks over the past six years and after getting wed in 2011, now might be the time to step down and enjoy some family time before he reaches 50. We've thought up a possible candidate and reckon we have some pretty good justification as to why Tom Hardy should become the next James Bond. 

Tom Hardy - He's Bristish

He's British.

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Pictures: Tom Cruise Makes Action Hero Exit From Jack Reacher Premiere Featuring Rosamund Pike, Nicole Scherzinger And Tom Hardy

Tom Cruise Rosamund Pike Robert Duvall Nicole Scherzinger Lewis Hamilton Tom Hardy

Tom Cruise, Jack Reacher Premiere

Tom Cruise at the Jack Reacher premiere in London. The 5'7 star has come under fire for playing a character 6'2 in book form

As tall as he draws his posture, there's no way Tom Cruise is anywhere near the height of six foot two that the eponymous character he plays in Jack Reacher is in the original book written by Lee Child. Yet it's Cruise who was given the role for the forthcoming film adaptation and, to be fair to him, he took it with the blessing of Child. Both were in attendance for the film's premiere in London last night (December 10) alongside the rest of the cast including Rosamund Pike and Robert Duvall, whilst director Christopher McQuarrie also put an appearance in. 

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Fifty Shades Of Kelly Marcel: Behind The Scenes Of Fifty Shades Of Grey's Screenwriter

E.L. James Tom Hardy Tom Hanks

After weeks, if not months, of speculation and rumors regarding the cast, production and writer of the Fifty Shades of Grey film adaptation, we've finally been given one concrete fact. The Fifty Shades screenwriter is to be Kelly Marcel. But is she the right person for the job, given that her only success so far is the US sci-fi drama Terra Nova?

Note 'so far', because it really is only 'so far'. Already Marcel has written the screenplay for 'Saving Mr Banks' for which filming started last month. A biographical drama, 'Saving Mr Banks' follows the controversy that Walt Disney faced while trying to procure the rights to make a film of Mary Poppins, coming up against the original novel's author, P.L Travers. It's set to star Hollywood heavyweight Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and English gem, Emma Thompson as Travers.

Marcel also did an “emergency rewrite” of 'Bronson', that stars her business partner and British actor Tom Hardy. The film went on to win 'Best Film' at the Sydney Film Festival in 2009, as well as being nominated for awards at the Sundance Film Festival, British Independent Film Awards and London Critics Circle Film Awards.

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Lawless Review

Director Hillcoat and musician-turned-screenwriter Cave previously worked together back home in Australia on the dark Western The Proposition, and now they have reunited in America for this true story set during Prohibition in the early 1930s. Unsurprisingly, it plays out like a Western. And it also features two of The Proposition's memorable actors, Pearce and Taylor.

The story centres on the three Bondurant brothers in rural Virginia. Eldest sibling Forrest (Hardy) runs the family moonshine business with middle brother Howard (Clarke). But the younger Jack (LaBeouf) wants in on the action and secretly teams up with whiz-kid Cricket (DeHaan) to speed up production and sell their wares to a big-city gangster (Oldman). Then slimy city-slicker Federal Agent Rakes (Pearce) arrives, determined to stop bootlegging no matter who he has to torture and kill. Meanwhile, a sexy barmaid (Chastain) with a shady past arrives to distract Forrest, while Jack daringly woos the rebellious daughter (Wasikowska) of the local preacher.

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Lawless Trailer

The Bondurant Brothers, Forrest, Howard and Jack, take up lawless methods of achieving the American Dream during the Depression in Franklin County, Virginia. Soon their illegal money-making schemes, including selling their home brewed moonshine in their saloon, attract the attention of the local law enforcement who recruit a corrupt inner-city cop, Charlie Rakes, to break the brothers and force them to give him shares in their profits. In an attempt to gain his brothers' respect and win the heart of the pure and well brought up Bertha who seeks danger and excitement, the suggestible and smart Jack partners with the brutal and, quite frankly, untrustworthy city gangster Floyd Banner - things start to become strained for the Bondurants when the 'indestructible' Forrest is seriously injured and loyalty among the brothers is questioned.

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The Dark Knight Rises Review

When the credits roll at the end of this overlong action epic, it feels like we've just turned the final page of an immersive novel. It takes about an hour to find its stride, but Nolan's final Batman movie is also thunderously complex and entertaining.

It's eight years later, and Commissioner Gordon (Oldman) has allowed the press to create a myth that Batman was a villain. Badly injured, Bruce Wayne (Bale) has become a recluse, tended to by his butler Alfred (Caine). Then a new baddie arrives: Bane (Hardy) is part of the League of Shadows, trained by Bruce's old nemesis Ra's al Ghul (Neeson) to purge the world of human decadence. So Bruce turns to Wayne company boss Lucius (Freeman) to get back in fighting shape, deciding to trust a slippery cat burglar (Hathaway) and a rookie cop (Gordon-Levitt).

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Video - World Premiere Of The Dark Knight Rises: Bane And Commissioner Gordon Actors Arrive

Among arrivals at New York City's 'The Dark Knight Rises' premiere were stars Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy; Oldman with jazz singer wife Alexandra Edenborough and Hardy with 'Easy Virtue' actress and wife Charlotte Riley. Former 'American Idol' contestant and frontman of rock band Daughtry also made an appearance. His involvement in the Batman franchise included his recording of the song 'Drown in You' for the 2011 video game 'Batman: Arkham City'.

Oldman ('Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy') recently expressed a career scare to Jimmy Kimmel on his show when he managed to lose his 'Dark Knight Rises' script in his hotel room and was worried it would be found and leaked. It was, however, retrieved within minutes

Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham after eight years in The Dark Knight Rises, his alias Batman nursing a sore reputation after the last film, The Dark Knight, where he assumed responsibility for the attorney Harvey Dent's crimes in order to protect Dent's name after he loses his life during The Joker's assault on the city. This time he intends to defend Gotham City from a new villain: the virtually indestructible Bane who, as discovered by Commissioner Gordon, is plotting the obliteration of the entire city from the inside.

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This Means War Review

Very Good
A lively pace and a nicely warped sense of humour help make this paper-thin action-comedy a mindlessly enjoyable romp. Sure, the central romantic triangle never really gels, but the bromance subplot is rather sweet.

Frank (Pine) and Tuck (Hardy) are best-pal CIA operatives who wouldn't know the word "subtle" if it clubbed them over the head. After a chaotic case in Hong Kong, they're grounded back home in L.A., and both decide to use the down time to find women. The problem is that they find the same woman, Lauren (Witherspoon), who struggles to decide which one is right for her. Certainly her married best pal Trish (Handler) is no help. The bigger problem is that Frank and Tuck use the agency's resources to sabotage each other.

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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

It has been eight years since Harvey Dent was killed, during the Joker's killing spree. Billionaire Bruce Wayne accepted responsibility for Dent's death and left Gotham. The city has now recovered from the shocking events and is living in peace.

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Warrior Review

Very Good
This film may be a real crowd-pleaser, but it's also a shameless string of movie cliches from start to finish. Thankfully, the excellent cast keeps it afloat, holding our interest and getting us to cheer even though we don't really care how it ends.

After running away from home with his mother some 15 years earlier, ex-soldier Tommy (Hardy) drops in on his drunken dad Paddy (Nolte). Tommy isn't impressed that Pop has found God and remained sober for three years, but he agrees to let Pop coach him again as a mixed martial arts fighter. Meanwhile, Tommy's brother Brendan (Edgerton) is estranged from both his brother and his dad. A family man teaching physics at a Philadelphia high school, he's in trouble with the bank over a dodgy mortgage, so returns to his Ultimate Fighter roots.

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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Review

It's rare to see a film in which writers, director and cast all respect the intelligence of their audience. So when it happens, it's something to savour.

Especially when it shows as much audacious skill as this British thriller does.

In the Cold War paranoia of 1973, there's a Russian mole in British intelligence. And the top boss Control (Hurt) has narrowed it down to four top colleagues (Firth, Jones, Hinds and Dencik). He asks faithful George Smiley (Oldman) to root out the spy, so he and Peter (Cumberbatch) begin a complex investigation that involves a discredited agent (Hardy) and a murdered operative (Strong). But the truth only seems to get more elusive the further they descend into the rabbit hole.

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Inception Review

Nolan pulls us into another fiendishly entertaining scenario, engaging our brains while taking us on a thrilling ride. And while the mind-bending story might not be as cerebral as it seems, it completely envelops us.

Cobb (DiCaprio) invades people's dreams for a living, stealing ideas with the help of his sidekick Arthur (Gordon-Levitt). But a new client (Watanabe) wants him to try inception instead: implanting an idea in the mind of media heir Fischer (Murphy). So Cobb hires a new architect (Page) and two other skilled experts (Hardy and Rao) to create an elaborately layered dreamworld for the reverse heist. The problem is that Cobb's wife (Cotillard) is lurking in this alternate reality and could bring the whole plan crashing down around them.

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Layer Cake Review

Matthew Vaughan, producer behind the entire Guy Ritchie oeuvre (Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, and... er... Swept Away), makes his directorial debut with Layer Cake, another tale from the British criminal underworld that thankfully avoids any association with aging pop icons. Instead, Vaughan opts to take some of the elements of Ritchie's earlier work - colorful deviants, dark humor, Seinfeld-esque coincidence - and give them his own, slightly more somber spin. The result is an engaging 104 minutes that stakes its own claim on the genre.

Daniel Craig is credited as "XXXX" (oh, if only he were the new "XXX"), a "businessman," as he puts it, whose name we never learn. His business just happens to be cocaine. He plays by a strict set of rules - pay connections on time; keep a low profile, etc. And, like every other lowlife with whom we're supposed to sympathize in a gangster film, he's just about to retire. Until his boss, Jimmy Price (Kenneth Cranham) throws him two curveballs that shoot his plans all to hell.

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