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The cast and crew of biopic thriller 'Captain Phillips' discuss the realistic nature of the heart-stopping flick on the red carpet at the US premiere. Among them were stars Tom Hanks, Faysal Ahmed and Barkhad Abdi, as well as director Paul Greengrass, producer Michael De Luca and screenwriter Billy Ray.

Tom Hanks admitted that it was 'stressful' to film the movie. 'We had to go and create this incredible anxiety and tension, but the important thing here is to get it right', he explains. 'Not often do the hairs stand up on the back of your head when you're making a movie in a realistic way.' Paul mentioned that it was equally challenging in terms of the location. 'There were tremendous challenges, logistically, about filming on the ocean and how to do that, how to stay true to the story and tell the essence of it', he says. Nonetheless, the hard work definitely seems to have paid off as Captain Richard Phillips himself described the flick as 'lifelike and real'.


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