Ever wondered why Andy’s dad never appears in Toy Story? Maybe you have or maybe you didn't want to, for fear the truth might be too depressing. Well guess what? It is.

Toy StoryIn all three Toy Story movies we never see Andy's father.

Pixar enthusiast Joe Negroni has a theory, a very plausible one, about why Andy’s father is never seen nor mentioned in Toy Story. Negroni, is a bit of a Pixar detective, having previously hypothesised that Jesse’s first owne,r Emily, is in fact Andy’s mother. That’s a much happier theory then the one we are about to delve into.

In a nutshell, Negroni’s theory is that Andy’s father walked out on the family, shortly before the first movie, which is why the family are downsizing to a smaller home. This is why there are no pictures of him in the Davis’ home and he’s never mentioned. Sadly it seems Andy has an absentee father.

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As Negroni points out, there are many clues throughout the three movies which support his theory. Some you’d have to be pretty keen eyed to spot, such as Andy’s mother not wearing a wedding ring or the fact that there are no pictures of a father on the walls. Plus since the family are moving to a smaller home, we can assume that Mr Davis’ is not paying child support, leaving Andy’s mother in financial trouble.

This “deadbeat dad” theory could also explain why Andy is so attached to his toys. As Negroni writes, “What seems like a petty rivalry between two toys vying for Andy's affection is really an allegory that Andy is playing out in his mind. In the end, their reconciliation and eventual friendship is symbolic of Andy coming to terms with only having his mother around.” Of course, we always knew Toy Story was deep, but still...wow. Negroni continues to say, “Woody is the "old" father figure that represents where Andy really comes from, while Buzz is the "new" future he has to get used to. It's no wonder Andy is going through emotional whiplash as he has to face the absence of his father and having to move to a totally new house within such a limited amount of time.”

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So there you have it, Andy’s dad is never mentioned in Toy Story because, he was never there for him. Which is pretty depressing, however, it really doesn’t change anything about the movies. Wether or not you read into movies as much as Joe Negroni does or you’d rather sit back and just enjoy them, the Andy’s dad theory does sound pretty plausible. Still as Negroni writes, whatever did happen to Andy's father it still doesn't change what Toy Story is actually about, just “a boy and his toys that somehow come to life and compete for his love and imagination.”