Tom Hanks, the Oscar-winning actor, producer, director and writer, can now add 'published writer' to his CV after landing a book deal to publish a selection of short stories inspired by his passion for typewriters. 

Tom HanksTom Hanks will publish a selection of stories - just weeks after making his ficton debut in the New Yorker.

Hanks, who has already developed a typewriter app for the iPhone, said: "I've been collecting typewriters for no particular reason since 1978 - both manual and portable machines dating from the 30s to the 90s."

"The stories are not about the typewriters themselves, but rather, the stories are something that might have been written on one of them."

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Publisher Alfred A. Knopf will publish the volume, which will also include photographs. 

"The tactile pleasure of typing old school is incomparable to what you get from a de rigueur laptop," Hanks wrote in an article for The New York Times in 2013.

He continued: "Everything you type on a typewriter sounds grand, the words forming in mini-explosions of SHOOK SHOOK SHOOK. A thank-you note resonates with the same heft as a literary masterpiece."

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Hanks' book deal comes after the Oscar-winner made his fiction debut in the New Yorker last month. The actor's literary agent fielded numerous enquiries from publishers asking whether Hanks had any more stories. It was Knopf that eventually secured a full book for an undisclosed amount. 

On the acting front, Hanks is currently working on an untitled Cold War spy thriller, about an American lawyer recruited by the CIA to help rescue a pilot detained in the Soviet Union. Steven Spielberg will direct, while the Coen brothers have written the script with Matt Charman. Mark Rylance is amongst the supporting cast.

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