Tom Hanks has opened up about his thoughts on social media and the reality of the dangers as explored in his newest film 'The Circle'. It's an adaptation of Dave Eggers dystopian 2013 novel, but it poses some very real ideas about what the future of our society might entail. 

Tom Hanks stars in 'The Circle'Tom Hanks stars in 'The Circle'

The actor, who plays one of the co-founders of the titular Internet corporation Eamon Bailey, spoke about the themes of the movie on the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of 'The Circle' in which he stars alongside Emma Watson.

'It's hard to predict what informational internet dystopia's gonna turn out to be', he said. 'You can look at this film and say, 'How much am I contributing to the reality of this movie?' And the answer is: we all are, just a little bit. You start with that and it ends up being a fascinating examination of a great thing.'

Watch the trailer for 'The Circle' here:

Being an avid Tweeter himself, does that mean even Tom Hanks is contributing to the creation of a surveillance society? 'I'm not so sure my social media contributions have changed the world at all', he confesses. 'But [social media] does represent what I think is our interesting stories and interesting part of life.'

He goes on to say that social media effects people differently, depending on how they use it themselves. 'I think you get out of it what you put in', he continues. 'If you're going for whimsy, you create whimsy. If you're going to lob bombs, well, you're gonna get some explosions.'

Tom Hanks with co-stars Emma Watson and Patton OswaltTom Hanks with co-stars Emma Watson and Patton Oswalt

The movie, directed by James Ponsoldt, follows a young new employee named Mae Holland who is asked to demonstrate The Circle's newest piece of technology; a 24/7 camera that users can use to document and shre their entire life with strangers. An idea taken on by those who wish to be 'transparent' in the eyes of the people, it soon turns out that the makers have much more nefarious intentions.

'The Circle' is released in theatres this weekend.