Tom Hanks has captivated us with his role as a brooding Harvard professor since 2006, when he appeared in the adaptation of Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code'. Now on to the third film, he returns for another dose of menacing mystery, death-defying adventure and intellectual premise.

Tom Hanks at 2014 BAFTAsTom Hanks will star in Dan Brown's 'Inferno'

'The Da Vinci Code' (Dan Brown's second novel) was a global phenomenon which portrayed Hanks' character Robert Langdon on a quest for the Holy Grail. The following prequel 'Angels & Demons', explored the creation of the universe and conspiracy within mankind. 'Inferno' - the third film directed by Ron Howard - takes another turn completely and sees Langdon with a lot more of a challenge on his hands.

'There was so much going on in Langdon's head that it ends up being a much harder job than walking in and saying, 'Well, see, this means that and that means this and therefore 500 years ago this happened'', Hanks explains. 'We don't get to walk in and figure that stuff out right from the beginning.' He also admits that all the suspense and mystery has his mind racing long after each working day.

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'Inferno' sees Langdon wake up in a hospital bed in Florence with no idea how he got there, and he immediately faces danger. His only choice is to join forces with his doctor Sienna Brooks and piece together what has happened to him in the last few hours. Little does he know that he's about to come closer to hell than he's ever been on his series of ever more dangerous adventures.

Looking at the film series as a whole, Hanks' summary is as astute as any. 'With 'The Da Vinci Code', it was literally the divinity of the son of God; with 'Angels & Demons', it's like, 'What was the creation of the universe? Was it by the hands of God or was it the Big Bang?' Those are big highfalutin themes', he explains. 'Likewise on this, we're talking about literally what happens in hell and what does it feel like.'

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Tom Hanks will also star in the forthcoming adaptation of 'The Lost Symbol' (the precursor to 'Inferno'), with more details yet to be announced. It will be the first Dan Brown-based film not directed by Ron Howard.

'Inferno' is set to his theatres in October 2016.

'Inferno' cast photocall(L-R) Tom Hanks, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Ron Howard, Omar Sy, Dan Brown and Felicity Jones