Good Samaritan Tom Hanks really went the extra mile on Tuesday to return a Fordham University student’s ID to its rightful owner. The Bridge of Spies actor tweeted out a pic of the ID, which belonged to a student named Lauren, after finding it lost in the park.

"Lauren! I found your Student ID in the park," Hanks wrote on Twitter, along with a photo of the ID. "If you still need it my office will get to you. Hanx.” The tweet amassed over 7,000 retweets on the social media site, as well as nearly 16,000 favourites as the search for 'Lauren' began.

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But it seems the ID has now found its way back to the student, after a friend of Lauren tweeted Hanks a few hours later saying, "@tomhanks Thanks for returning my roommate's ID! You truly are a gentleman!”

But Hanks himself knows what its like to loose something important, as back in March he lost his credit card, which was found by an equally kind-hearted stranger. “A guy named Tony found my credit card on the street in NYC and returned it! Tony! You make this city even greater! Thanx. HANX,” Tom shared on twitter.

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The actor is currently gearing up for the release of his latest movie, Cold War drama Bridge of Spies. Hanks plays Brooklyn lawyer James B. Donovan in the biopic which is directed by Steven Spielberg. The film also stars Mark Rylance, Amy Ryan, and Alan Alda and is released in the US on October 16th.

Watch the trailer for Bridge of Spies here: