Tom Hanks doesn't think he suited his moustache.

The 'Saving Mr. Banks' star had grown the facial hair for his role as Walt Disney but he has admitted his face doesn't lend itself well to the look.

He told E! News: ''Oh gosh, this is not a moustache face, I'm sorry!

''This was one of the most seriously planned out, examined, discussed mustaches in history. There was a lot of discussion about this mustache.''

Now clean-shaven, the Oscar-winning actor was more pleased with the final results of the movie - which portrays the battle Walt faced to bring 'Mary Poppins' to the big screen - than with his moustachioed face.

He added: ''You know, I only worked on the movie probably not even a third of the film.

''But you dress up as Walt Disney and walk onto the set ... Well, guess what?

''The waves part for you. There's an awful lot of gravitas that goes up with saying, 'I am here.' ''

Despite being one of the biggest stars in the world, Tom previously insisted he only ever wanted to be enough of a success to ''get by''.

He previously said: ''I had no dreams at all growing up. The concept of having huge dreams when you're young and always having one eye on the prize - that's something I've honestly never understood.

''I did not have a single dream growing up, or even a five-year plan. I'm serious. I just wanted to make a little bit of money to get by. A little bit more than nothing!''