Tom Hanks is battling vocal problems as he continues his hit Broadway run in Nora Ephron play Lucky Guy and has revealed castmates and crew have been asked not to chat with him backstage.

The Oscar winner took to on Wednesday (05Jun13) and posted a shot of the notice that has been pinned up backstage at New York's Broadhurst Theatre, urging his co-stars and stagehands not to talk to the Forrest Gump star.

The poster reads: "Please help me keep Tom (chatty cathy) Hanks on Vocal Rest. He's only 13 inside and can't help himself."

Meanwhile, the note suggests his understudy, Tom Hammond, is getting ready to step in. It continues: "Hammond has to grow back the moustache."

However, in a tweet accompanying the photo, Hanks insists that won't be necessary, writing, "My voice is better now, thanks."