Tom Hanks and Paul Greengrass disagreed over a vital element of 'News of the World'.

The 64-year-old actor stars in the new western as Civil War veteran as Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd who travels from town to town delivering reading of the national news but revealed that he and the director didn't see eye-to-eye on how the news stories should be presented in the movie.

Tom recalled: "We were halfway through the shooting day, and we ended up sitting on the wooden sidewalk of one of our Western towns. And we went at it, he and I, about what these performances of readings of the news meant.

"I was hell bent on authenticity and the real news and the real stories, and almost a dry perspective and presentation of them. And he was bent on the connecting of the audience, of the inspiring of the audience, of the reading of the audience and of the enthrallment of the audience with what this news was."

The Oscar-winning star added to "He was saying, 'You must understand: you are putting on a show to bring people together.'

"And I was saying, 'Paul, you've got to understand: I am reading the news to bring people together.' And we had to find this thing that was in there."

Paul previously explained how making the 1870s set movie was a "dream come true".

The 65-year-old director said: "It is a dream come true for me. In my many years as a filmmaker, I've done tough films about where we are today; I've done entertaining films about spies on the run, all sorts of things, but I had never made a classical, beautiful Western. That is what I've tried to do here."