Tom Hanks is glad he turned down the chance to play Jerry Maguire because he would have ruined a brilliant film.

Hanks was told by writer/director Cameron Crowe that he had written the role of the ambitious sports agent with him in mind, but the FORREST GUMP star was too busy directing THAT THING YOU DO to take on the role.

So Crowe turned to Tom Cruise and, in Hanks' eyes, movie magic was made.

Hanks says, "I think you look at it now and it couldn't have been anybody other than Tom Cruise.

"It's the way the movie's operated. I don't think anybody would look at that now and say, 'That movie was not perfect.'"

Hanks wasn't the only star who read the script for Jerry Maguire - it was also mistakenly sent to Hugh Grant.

Grant recalls, "I do remember them sending me the script for Jerry Maguire and I rang up my agent and said, 'There must be some mistake because you sent me a good script.'

"They said, 'Sorry, there has been a mistake. It was meant for Tom Cruise.'"

11/11/2004 02:33