Tom Fletcher's wedding speech was probably a little different to the stuttering start-stop effort of the average Groom. The McFly singer married his girlfriend Giovanna Falcone last May, though waited until this week to post a video of his wedding speech, or should that be wedding song?

Yep, you've guessed it, the singer-songwriter who's had seven No.1 singles decided to sing to his bride after claiming he was too nervous to deliver a speech. Before launching into the track (to the melody of various McFly songs), Tom said, "I don't have any idea how to write a good speech but I do know how to write a song, so I hope this isn't cheating my way out of it too much." The 15-minute ditty began with Fletcher crooning, "Recently I've been, having a wedding, I've married this girl, who's out of this world, believe me." Was it as sickly as it sounds? Probably.

Nevertheless, Fletcher managed to get through it while entertaining his guests, including best friends Harry Judd, Dougie Poynter and Danny Jones. He sang, "Thanks to my best men, you are the best friends, that I know I will ever have, you're more like brothers, sometimes lovers but we won't tell them about that.We've been together for what feels like forever but I'd do it all again and again, but we're only getting started and I know McFly will never end."

Tom's wife Giovanna is the sister of The Only Way Is Essex star Mario Falcone, who made the wedding suits.

Watch the wedding speech below: