McFly singer Tom Fletcher once again employs his creative talents in welcoming his second son Buddy into the world with wife Giovanna by releasing an adorable timelapse video of the pregnancy accompanied by a new song entitled 'Bump To Buddy'. Family goals right there, guys.

Giovanna and Tom FletcherGiovanna and Tom Fletcher welcome their second child

Just like he did with his first baby Buzz, born in 2014, he's unveiled a sensational new video to introduce the newest addition to his and Giovanna's family: Buddy Bob Fletcher. 'It only takes nine months to make a human', he croons in the video's soundtrack; a new tune called 'Bump To Buddy'. 

Also including witty lines like, 'I hope it gets your nose, your fingers and your toes, 'cause mine are pretty gross let's face it', the video features Tom playing in a cot with Buzz as Giovanna stands beside them showing off her growing bump, with Halloween and Christmas costume shots thrown in there too. Then she disappears from the video, only to return with their newborn baby in her arms as Tom looks on with pride.

Buddy was born on February 16th 2016, and it seems Tom really isn't planning on stopping there either. The last line of the song seems to suggest that he's all for expanding his brood: 'Nine months of growing in your tummy, but honey when nine months are through, there's nothing I would rather do than wait a year or two and make another human, a half-me and half-you one, a perfect little human like you.' Aww!

'We took photos almost every day of the pregnancy... again!' Tom said in the video's description. 'Well, we did it for Buzz so how could we not do it for Buddy. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we love looking back over the last 9 months of our lives that brought us our second son Buddy Bob Fletcher.'