Tom Fletcher insists there is "nothing" that can prepare people for parenthood.

The McFly singer has sons Buzz, eight, Buddy, six, and Max, four, with wife Giovanna and although the hardest adjustment was adapting to a lack of sleep, the 'All About You' hitmaker has realised he can cope without as much shut-eye as he used to and it is worth it for the amount of joy he gets from being a dad.

He told Britain's OK! magazine: “But, actually, I’ve realised you can do a lot on very little sleep.

“I can honestly say that nothing prepares you for being a parent, no matter how prepared you think you are. But it’s the best, it’s amazing, and I love it.”

Tom thinks it is "cool" his sons already share his interests.

He said: “I’m such a sucker for the stuff my kids love. At the minute, they’re into Star Wars and music. It’s so cool that they’re into the same things I’m into.

“The coolest thing happened recently. I took my kids to see Green Day, Weezer and Fall Out Boy and it just blew their minds. It felt like being at a gig with my mates – but it was with my sons.”

The 37-year-old star also has a successful career as a children's author and he admitted he always runs his ideas by his own kids first.

Speaking of his new book 'Space Band', he said: “I’ll subtly try to slip ideas into conversations to figure out what they’re thinking and just to see if it’s something they’d engage with.

"When I first put the idea to Buzz, he went crazy and was like, ‘Yeah, and then this would happen and then the baddies could do this…’ and he was flapping his arms about excitedly.

"He just went crazy and I was like, ‘OK, I think this is a good idea, because he’s really got excited about it.’”