Tom Fletcher felt ''pressure'' as a new dad.

The McFly frontman's wife Giovanna - with whom he has Buzz, six, Buddy, four, and Max, 20 months - admitted soon after Buzz's birth, Tom ''started second-guessing everything he felt''.

She said: ''He suffers from really bad anxiety, and when our eldest, Buzz, was born, Tom started second-guessing everything he felt. He was desperate to be a dad and he knew he loved Buzz, but there's so much pressure to feel a certain way, it's scary when that doesn't happen. When Buzz was about a year old and had started to smile and play, there was a massive shift; it was as if the pressure had lifted.''

And Tom admits he has ''learned a lot'' about himself since becoming a father as he is ''incredibly sensitive and emotional''.

He added: ''I've learnt a lot about myself through our son Buzz because he's exactly like me: incredibly sensitive and emotional. I cry at every book and film. I'm not your typical alpha-male pop star. Most teenage girls are looking for someone a bit tougher.''

Tom battled depression before he became a dad.

He shared to The Sunday Times magazine: ''Gi and I understand exactly what mood the other is in without having to say it - that's come from years of having arguments and getting things wrong. She knows me like no one else, and she's put up with a lot.

''Pre-children I'd sometimes be so depressed I didn't want to leave the house, or so manic, writing a screenplay, a book and an album at the same time. When you're bipolar, you lose sense of reality. It sounds harsh, but you need someone to be a bit dismissive and say, 'Great, but what are we having for dinner?' One of the best things Gi does is not give a shit about my crazy ideas.''