Earlier this month, news broke that Fox would not be renewing their comic book-based series 'Lucifer', which had Tom Ellis in the leading titular role. The decision was immediately met with backlash from fans, who launched what has been an extremely vocal social media campaign dubbed #SaveLucifer, even picking up support from celebrities and making it onto news channels.

Tom Ellis says he was blindsided by Fox's cancellation of 'Lucifer'Tom Ellis says he was blindsided by Fox's cancellation of 'Lucifer'

The network's decision wasn't just something that surprised fans, but according to Ellis, blindsided everybody who had been working on the series.

Speaking at MCM Comic Con, the actor explained: "The thing that none of us expected was the cancellation, so when we were filming we were like, 'Oh, they're gonna love this, I wonder what's going to happen next season."

He continued: "It's a weird thing where it's been a long time coming in that moment, and it wasn't planned as the final moment of 'Lucifer', and if it is – and I sincerely hope it isn't – then what a way to go.

"I remember reading that for the first time, and the hairs on my arms just went crazy. We'd been waiting for that, and I am very keen on telling the story of what's next."

There are still a couple of 'Lucifer' episodes to be shown this year, but they're standalones that were meant to be a part of a complete fourth season. With it looking more likely that they will be the final outings from the 'Lucifer' universe as each day goes by, fans are going to have to deal with getting their TV kicks elsewhere. A shame, as 'Lucifer' really looked like it had a lot more story to be told.

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