Etching up an almost perfect score on the night, the Winter Olympics' most fondly remembered loser Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards finally has an award he can hang proudly above his mantlepiece: the first ever Splash! crown.

Edwards battled off his fellow Splash! finalists, dad's favourite Linda Barker and Benidorm actor Jake Canuso and became the Tom Daley masterminded ITV show's first ever champion. The judges - Andy Banks, Jo Brand and Leon Taylor - were unanimous in their praise for Edwards' two dives - a solo forward two and a half somersault effort with several rotations from the top deck and a synchronised inward one and a half somersault pike dive with mentor Tom Daley (if you can picture what any of those dives actually look like, good on you).

With an eagle sequinned into his swimming trucks, Edwards always looked like he could reach the top of the podium and had been favourite since the preliminary rounds. Canuso managed to snatch second place whilst everybody's new favourite MILF Barker slipped down to third.

Understandably, when a show involving minor celebrities jumping from the high-board first hit our screens at the beginning of the year it drew widespread criticism and was mocked pretty heavily as being the worst kind of spin-off from London 2012. Somehow though it has remained compulsive viewing on a Saturday night and has regularly drawn in upwards of 5 million viewers each week. Daley himself has said that he would happily do another series with the show and given the state of television these days, it would come as a surprise if we don't end up seeing Splash! - Series Two in the not so distant future.