The Top Gun star made headlines last year (14) when he was photographed clinging to the side of an Airbus A400 plane while ascending in the air for a scene in the action film, but that wasn't the only daring stunt he put his life at risk for.

Recalling his training for one underwater scene, Cruise explains, "(I had to learn how to hold my breathe underwater for) over six minutes for freediving because the takes are really long.

"It's the longest underwater sequence I've ever done and the way the director did it, I had to train beyond it because when you go to shoot I have to take the regulator out, get on the side of the set underwater, then the camera comes into place and then we call action. It was just very long takes... and we wanted to do it practical (sic)."

He continues, "It was deathful (sic)... and I just didn't want to drown."