Tom Cruise's rumoured new girlfriend Emily Thomas is his ''ray of sunshine''.

The 53-year-old actor has reportedly developed an extremely close relationship with his 22-year-old British personal assistant and wants to work with her on all his upcoming projects, as she helps him to feel more comfortable on set.

A source told US OK! magazine: ''Tom has come to rely on Emily. She's very smart and always one step ahead of him.''

The duo first teamed up on the set of 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation' last year, and Tom has already informed studio bosses she will be by his side on the set of the next film in the franchise too.

The insider added: ''The crew jokingly refer to Emily as 'Tom's ray of sunshine'. [He] just lights up around her'

''She knows just how to handle him and never gets stressed; she's always calm and kind. [He's] clearly happier when Emily is around. No matter how long the work day is, they're always laughing and having fun.''

The actor, who has been married three times in the past, recently sparked speculation he is planning to propose to the brunette beauty in the near future.

And the source added: ''Tom is totally smitten with Emily. He adores her.''