'The Mummy' unites two Hollywood legends - Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe - for the very first time, and it seems their dynamic is an important theme that carries the plot of this new horror adaptation. It seems that both actors enjoyed working with each other immensely.

Tom Cruise stars in 'The Mummy'Tom Cruise stars in 'The Mummy'

Casting aside rumours of an on-set feud, both Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe only have animosity as part of their characters of Nick Morton and Dr. Henry Jekyll respectively. In fact, they got on tremendously well on the set of Alex Kurtzman's 'The Mummy', which is set for released this week.

'Russell's a very powerful actor, he's a brilliant actor', Tom gushes. 'And to have him play this character - I was excited when he said that he wanted to be a part of it - to see, okay, here you have this ballast, also, in the centre of the film and him playing that character... it was really fun watching him create [Jekyll] and having the promise of that in the film and that dynamic between the two of us.'

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It seems that Russell's favourite interaction between his and Tom's character was their calamitous fight scene - something that they were both determined to get right. 'We did a fight sequence together, Tom and I, in this film', he explains. 'Right when we first started talking about it, because it wasn't really fleshed out on the page, we just made a pact between us to try and really do something with it and try and get to a place with it.'

The scene in question turned out to be an amalgamation of violence that they were particularly proud of in the end. 'There's a whole bunch of different things in there', Russell continues. 'There's a bit of martial arts, there's a bit of boxing, there's some wire work, there's a couple of rugby moves - in particular a back-slam onto the desk which I think will rattle the theatres when you see it.'

'The Mummy' will be released on June 9th 2017.