Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise has reportedly not seen the daughter he shares with ex-wife, actress Katie Holmes for years. Twelve-year-old Suri, whose parents split in 2012, has reportedly not been pictured with her father since 2013.

Katie Holmes and Tom CruiseKatie Holmes and Tom Cruise share 2-year-old daughter, Suri

According to UsWeekly, the Mission Impossible star is allowed to visit Suri for ten days every month following an agreement which gave Katie Holmes primary custody.

However, according to a source, the 56-year-old star chooses not to because the little girl no longer follows Scientology.

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The source said: "Tom is a loyal Scientologist, so when church leaders told him he couldn’t see Suri, he didn’t question it."

However, a separate source also revealed Tom does continue to buy his youngest daughter a present every birthday.

The source said: "Suri gets a gift from Tom on her birthday every year and this year was no exception.

"It’s not something Katie talks about though, beyond saying that Tom does always come through with gifts for things like birthdays and Christmas. She’s very tight-lipped."

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Both of Tom Cruise's more recent wives - Nicole Kidman, 51, and Katie Holmes, 39, - have decided to break away from the L. Ron Hubbard run religion.

Cruise was initially introduced to the religion by his first wife, Mimi Rogers, who has also since left the faith.

Scientology critic Tony Ortega told UsWeekly: "Katie and Nicole have moved on from their time with Tom and are leading their own lives outside of the church."

However, following Cruise's divorce from Big Little Lies star, Nicole Kidman, the couple's two adopted children - Isabella, 25, and Connor, 23, - remained with their father and continued to practice Scientology.

Kidman has since married rocker Keith Urban and has had two daughters - Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret - and Katie Holmes is rumoured to be dating Jamie Foxx.