There was a five year period in the early 2000's when Tom Cruise could do no wrong and was undoubtedly the world's biggest movie star. He put together a fine run of quality movies, including Minority Report, Space Station, The Last Samurai, Collateral, War of the Worlds and Mission: Impossible III. 

Tom CruiseTom Cruise in 'Edge of Tomorrow'

After that, things started to go a little...wrong. The disastrous Lions for Lambs was arguably the worst movie of Cruise's career and despite a funny comedy part in Tropic Thunder, he went on to make Valkyrie and Knight & Day as well as producing The Eye and Death Race. Ouch. 

Persuaded to return to what he knows best, Cruise made Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol with Ethan Hunt in 2011 - arguably the best movie in the action-spy franchise and evidence that Cruise could still be considered amongst the most bankable stars in Hollywood. Jack Reacher and Oblivion would follow, but it's as Major William Cage in new action sci-fi Edge of Tomorrow that the 51-year-old has proved his worth once again.

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"Tom Cruise stars in this cleverly crafted and propulsively executed sci-fi thriller about a soldier forced to relive the same day over and over again," wrote Justin Chang of Variety.

"Cruise and Blunt are both superb, the action sequences are genuinely thrilling and the effects work is impressive throughout," said Matthew Turner of The List.

A playful and frantic science-fiction twister which mimics the best (Aliens, The Matrix, Groundhog Day) while offering something fresh and - most importantly - thrilling," said Dan Jolin of Empire magazine.

Tom Cruise Emily BluntTom Cruise [L] and Emily Blunt [R] in 'Edge of Tomorrow'

"Feels sharper and more clever than it might have been in other hands, and for a big summer star vehicle, that's surprise enough," said Alonso Duralde of The Wrap.

"Edge of Tomorrow remains as an unadulterated, captivating thriller, which revels in being such unreservedly good fun," said our friend Stefan Pape at HeyUGuys.

"It's "Aliens" meets "Groundhog Day" meets "Starship Troopers" meets "Source Code", and each of those films' best traits are expertly deployed into "Edge of Tomorrow"" said Kristian Harloff of Schmoes Knows.

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Edge of Tomorrow sees Cruise's character dropped into what amounts to a suicide mission after an alien race hits Earth with an unrelenting assault. After dying within minutes, Major Cage finds himself in an endless time loop and is forced to live out the same combat over and over again. Of course, he eventually begins to adapt to his enemy's weaponry and looks to save the world.

So, with Jack Reacher 2, Top Gun 2, Van Helsing and Mission: Impossible 5 on the horizon - is Tom Cruise the biggest actor in the world? Have your say in our poll below!