Some stick with the latest L'Oreal treatment, whilst others go for something a little more natural, however, Tom Cruise has decided to go one step further with his own routine - by smearing his face with bird poo, reports the Radio Times.
Shockingly enough, a source close to the actor has even said that his regular face masks of nightingale excrement, rice bran and water are working are treat for the Mission Impossible star. Whilst this seems like another step into the dark side for Cruise, celebrity beauty experts are less than likely to be fazed by these new claims about the actor, as Victoria Beckham is but one of the other stars allegedly using the same method. As a matter of fact, Posh Spice has been using the same treatment since 2008! This might not even be the most unusual treatment used in fighting away the affects of father time, as the rich and famous have been dousing themselves in all manner of unlikely ointments since ancient time.
Mrs Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, is said to use extracts of placenta in her rejuvenation attempts, as are Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez and Madonna. Meanwhile Joan Rivers and Debra Messing are said to use snake venom, whilst Angellina Jolie is believed to have smeared caviar on her stomach following her pregnancies. We're not sure whether we want to know what she puts on her face.