In an unexpected appearance, actor Tom Cruise gave a surprise speech The Joanne Baron & D.W. Brown Studio graduation this weekend, in a talk intended to inspire the acting graduates to pursue their dreams. Shocked students sat up and took note as the Mission Impossible actor told of how he was first inspired to become an actor, started becoming successful and maintained his success to become one of the world's most famous actors.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise: Inspiring Young Minds In A Surprise Speech.

In a rather unanimated speech - hardly the kind of inspiration acting graduates trying to make their way in a tough job market need - Cruise spoke of his early days as a wannabe actor, trying to find success without having had any formal training. Looking sharp in a suit and tie, the Scientologist sex symbol instilled some of his guru-like acting knowledge upon the advice-hungry ears, peppered with anecdotes from his rise to the top. He told the acting cohort that his dream to become an actor was forged when he discovered his enthusiasm for comedy.

"I liked to make people laugh. I really enjoyed making my mother laugh and my sister laugh," he said, adding that his rather unofficial training included seeing as many films at the movie theatre as possible, working any odd jobs to save up for film tickets.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise Gave A Surprise Speech At Acting Students' Graduation Ceremony.

Upon landing his first movie role, in 1981's Taps, alongside fellow newbie Sean Penn, Cruise voiced his unabashed excitement, recalling, "It was an incredible experience. I remember at night I couldn't sleep because I thought: 'This is my dream. I love it so much being part of this group and seeing what this process is like.'"

Cruise's speech went down a storm with the young actors, with student Greice Santo telling the New York Post "That he took time out of his incredibly busy schedule to speak to a graduation class of 60 students was overwhelming."

Cruise's appearance may not have completely come out of the blue - it has been revealed that the 51 year-old actor's cousin William Mapother (Mad Men, Lost) was a graduate of the Los Angeles school, yet Cruise's act will have certainly had a positive impact on the ambitious squad of students.

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