The final poster for Tom Cruise’s upcoming Jack Reacher has been released and it’s… well, it’s a Tom Cruise poster. Which we suppose is good - nobody can object to another picture of Cruise looking pensive and bruised in a leather jacket – but the promotional image offers little in the way of originality.

In truth, we all know what Jack Reacher will be about – Tom Cruise, looking angry, kicking *ahem* tail and taking names. Also riding some kind of fast vehicle. There will probably be more than one explosion sequence and lots of intense kissing scenes. So is it really any surprise that the promotional images haven’t been trying to present anything new? The first two stills show Cruise… err… Reacher looking into the distance with a red car in the background, while in the first actual poster he’s in front of a city background. This last poster, released domestically in the US is pretty much the same, zoomed in and without the city lights. All in all, no hints to the story, but do we really need any? It is fairly obvious at this point that the film is your run-of-the-mill Tom Cruise action, a-la Mission Impossible.

And is there really anything wrong with that? The posters look good, the film does too. Beyond that, anyone expecting a masterpiece is going into the theatre at their own risk. The flick, directed by Christopher McQuarrie, hits theatres just before Christmas, on December 21, 2012.