Tom Cruise is a ''film geek''.

The 53-year-old actor adores working in London because he can film in movie studios steeped in history and his latest picture, 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation' is a tribute to the city.

He said: ''I've loved London since the moment I first came here, when I shot 'Legend' in 1984 at Pinewood Studios.

''I'm such a film geek of going round the studios here with their history, I just love making movies here.

''I have so many friends in the amazing crews, incredibly technicians and artisans.

''London is a home away from home for me. And I think you'll see that in this film. I really wanted to show my thanks and show how beautiful the city is.''

Tom was also a prankster on the set of the film, and particularly enjoyed targeting Simon Pegg.

Simon told HELLO! magazine: ''He took to turning on my seat heater in Morocco when we were doing the car chase.

''I don't know how he had time to do that because he was driving really fast. He thought it was hilarious.''

However, Simon insisted he felt incredibly safe shooting action scenes with Tom.

He added: ''Oddly, I felt safer than I do with anybody. He drives with such assurance and such skill that you don't feel unsafe but, like being on a really good fairground ride, you scream anyway.''