Tom Cruise has been a busy, busy man lately, with Jack Reacher due to be released this Christmas and two more films reportedly in the works, but fear not! Hollywood’s favorite action man is nothing, if not a devoted father.

With all of the work heading his way, sources say Cruise hasn’t seen his daughter Suri in a long time, but that’s all about to change, as the actor announced that he and the toddler will be spending Christmas together in the UK. During his break from filming All You Need is Kill, he is hoping to rent a house in the Lake District or Scotland and enjoy some much needed family time. A source, close to the family, has said to The Sun: “By the time Christmas comes, Tom won’t have seen Suri for a long time. So he’s agreed with Katie that it’s only right she stays with him. Filming has been extended until after Christmas, so he will appreciate the break.”

It is rumored that Suri’s older brother and sister, Bella (19) and Conor (17) might also join in on the festivities. Naturally, the blogs are all a-twitter with the news. Everybody appreciates a nice family affair, after all.