Tom Brady fans appear to be losing patience with the quarterback's wife Gisele Bundchen, who is reported to be the person behind her husband's ever changing hairstyles. Brady rocked an angular Mohawk style cut at the Met Ball in New York this week, which received unanimously negative reviews online. said, "Gisele MUST Be Behind Ridiculous Pompa-Hawk", and a whopping 92 per cent of its readers labelled the new look "stupid" as opposed to "fashion forward". Yahoo Sports went one further, saying, "She's not going to let Brady sport the same haircut for multiple seasons. That's what commoners like Bill Belichick do", referring to the New England coach. GQ Editor Will Welch had some timely advice for the quarterback, telling the Los Angeles Times, "The first rule of experimental haircuts is simple: Go to somebody really expensive. Don't try to get your $12 corner barber to give you an abstract skull sculpture, it ain't gonna work.... The second rule is also simple: Once it's done, you've got to own it". When asked whether Brady should continue to listen to his supermodel wife for styling tips, Welsh said, "One should always listen to one's wife. About everything. It's the best way to avoid arguments, unwanted celibacy and/or divorce. But when it comes to your hair, her advice should not necessarily be followed".

Brady's previous hairstyles have included a Justin Bieber-esque short trim, long flowing locks, and a slicked back style.