Movie star Tom Berenger's new movie was stalled over legal issues concerning co-star Busta Rhymes.
The Training Day star wasn't shooting scenes with the rapper/actor, but a fight in a New York club involving Rhymes still impacted him on the set of Breaking Point.
Berenger admits he's still unsure about the full facts of what went down but he knows producers had to scrabble locations around to make sure his co-star could film his scenes.
He tells WENN, "There was a whole thing with Busta Rhymes and the New York police on day one when I got there. I shot all my scenes that day in downtown Manhattan but they weren't with him so it didn't really affect me.
"There was something that had happened in a club involving him, where somebody had pulled a gun out or something like that. I really don't recall the details but they were forbidden to shoot because of safety concerns. I never entirely understood it.
"The location department had to whip up a bunch of new locations that involved him."
And Berenger quickly realised who was the biggest star on set when he learned how everything was revolving around Rhymes' schedule: "We had to shoot scenes with him over in Bayonne and Hoboken, New Jersey all in a row because he had to get to a concert in Portugal."