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Posted 10 years 3 months ago by Admiral Hotel

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Toby Keith is such a fun guy! His music is amazing!! His last album 'That Don't Make ME a Bad Guy" has some of the best written songs I've heard.He is into EVERYTHING and still has time for the troops, Ally's House, his family, staying fit---He is the WHOLE package!! Best of luck to you Toby!! I've never seen a harder working more successful guy than you.Here is a song line for youLand of the Free because of the bravenot that you need my help!!!

Posted 12 years 2 months ago by Ferebee6

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Some people have WAY TOO MUCH time on their hands. There is NOTHING racial in 'Beer For My Horses"!If you ask me the only people that are being 'racially slurred and attacked' are the whites. Toby Keith is in my book one of the nicest,cleanest and most unbiased person I have ever known. He was my main focus when I was in intensive care for six days amid the so called 'disagreement' with the dixie chicks (who to this day I won't listen to).I guess if I have to state my race I have to say Iam a Swedish/Irish American! Anymore there are NOtrue plain Americans.

Posted 12 years 8 months ago by grangoose84

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Toby Keith is the greatest in my book, not only as an entertainer by as a man of character and of his word. While Toby may never have gotten the acceptance he deserves from Nashville, I feel that pales in comparison to the respect and admiration he receives because of his support to our military troops, worthy charities, his home state of Oklahoma, and children. I'm proud to be a Toby Keith Warrior. And thanks for this site contactmusic.

Posted 12 years 12 months ago by tk4ever1

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Although I know that Toby Keith will not actually read this, I just wanted to say how gratefull I am that he went to Iraq and did a show for the soldiers there. My son is in the Army. He has been in Iraq for almost a year. He was supposed to come home in June but found out that his tour has been exteneded to October 2007. Since he has been gone he has missed the birth of his first son, and all his son's "firsts". Now my son is going to miss his first Father's Day and his son's first birthday. He has made so many sacrafices for his country.The troops are hearing so much negativity about how we Americans feel about the war that they are feeling like they no longer have the support of their country. They are so far away and need to know that we think about them every day. Tonight I got an email from my son to tell me he was happy that he got to go see Toby Keith's show. He described Toby as a really great guy who supports the troops. The soldiers were grateful to have a little bit of America come to them and remind them that they are not fogotten. As a Mom I worry every day about my son and how he is doing. I am personally grateful to Toby Keith for brightening my son's day and helping him forget for a little while how far away from home and family that he is.Thank you Toby!!!

Posted 13 years 10 months ago by soldiermom

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I love Toby's music! He is a real person,and so many out their ,have so many hang ups, and wear so many mask,that we can't see who he really is. His Music makes me feel alive! I love all his music! My son returned for Iraq this year so I can very much relate to the song American Soldier.soth I have been playing his christmas cd. it is wonderful I smile thought all of it. Keep up the good work Toby! I love you and your music.

Posted 14 years 4 months ago by p.williamson @i...

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Does that mean the Dixie Chicks have the same rights???????

Posted 14 years 5 months ago by overhere

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I really Loved That song Courtesy of The Red, White,& Blue[The Angry American] So what if he used the wordA-s-s or The word Hell Those words Nearly aren't as bad as some I've heard over the years I am so sick ofEverybody Picking on him & Making such a big Deal overthat song As An American Toby Keith has the God-givento say or sing what he Feels In his Heart If a few Hundred people don't like it They don't have to listento his Music. As for me Toby Tells the Truth He is NoLiar. Why Don't The critics & The Media just Leave Himalone & Let him sing the way he Wants? I think he is Doing a Great Job. As for My loyalty so there is noconfusion to Whose Side I am On I am on Toby's Side

Posted 14 years 7 months ago by fluffykins

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I am Proud to Call Toby Keith a Brother.Because that is what he Is To his Fans &to our troops. No matter how Mean some peopleare to him over his Angry American Song. He doesn't let it Bother him. Maybe I should useToby Keith as a Role Model instead Of Mike Searles[A Kid I went To School with]

Posted 14 years 8 months ago by fluffykins

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Toby Keith is the leading man of country music! I have yet to be disappointed... I have not found a song on any of his albums that I haven't liked and plenty that I LOVE! Often times, he is overlooked by the country music moguls of Nashville, but through realism, wit and charm - you can't help but admire his talent! Can he sing!! You are sure to find something you'll LOVE, whether you're a rocker, rapper or are a true fan of country music! His shows are fabulous, you can't help but sing and dance throughout! And did I mention, he's awfully easy on the eyes!! He's one sexy creature! Rock On, Fine Sir!! ;)

Posted 14 years 10 months ago by DawnaT

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TOBY KEITH is the most outstanding performer aroundtoday.He is not only s singer ,but also a song writer,which today is a very rare thing.TOBY also stays true to his country roots,which is amazing,because most of todays artist are doing crossover music as well.TOBY is loyal to his family, music, beliefs,country, and last but not least his fans. Those of us who are his fans are also loyal to TOBY,we would be there in a minute if he needed us,just look at the sales of his newly released White Trash With Money cd.Most of us as fans have bought at least 2 or more,helping the sales of it.WHY, would we do this ? We do this because of the kind of artist TOBY is,the kind of person TOBY is,and because we are one big WARRIOR family and TOBY is our BIG DAWG.TOBY has been kicked around for a long time by the indusry and is still going strong regardless.He is not a quitter and will stand up for what is right,no matter who says what,and this to me is the kind of person the world needs just a few more of. Brenda (tksbabygirl/TKIFC)

Posted 14 years 10 months ago by tksbabygirl

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