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17th September 2015

Fact: Movie star Tobey Maguire won a $100 (GBP62.5) bet on U.S. chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday (16Sep15) by beating the host in a game of Connect 4. Maguire portrays chess master Bobby Fischer in new movie Pawn Sacrifice.

16th May 2013

Quote: "I saw this string-bean, goofy kid throwing karate kicks and I thought, 'Ok, that guy does not have a shot.'" Tobey Maguire didn't think much of his teenage pal LEONARDO DiCAPRIO after auditioning against him when he was 15.

10th May 2013

Quote: "I played well and the President nicknamed me The Beast and, by the end of the three games, of which we won two out of three... he named me the Mvp (most valuable player) of our team... He was a great leader of our team; he communicated very well, he was very encouraging... We were struggling in the third game... we were down and the President stepped up... and won the game for us." Actor Tobey Maguire on playing basketball with Barack Obama and George Clooney against a team led by Don Cheadle.

31st October 2012

Quote: "It's always awful. Tobey's lovely, but that stuff is always strange to do. I loved working with him in all of the scenes where we talked, but the other stuff? It's awkward." Kerry Washington hated sharing steamy scenes with Tobey Maguire in their latest movie The Details.

31st October 2012

Quote: "It was fantastic. It was great. He's a great friend and a great actor, so I got to hang out with my buddy and be inspired by a great actor." Tobey Maguire was in awe of his longtime pal LEONARDO DiCaprio as they filmed upcoming drama The Great Gatsby.

27th April 2012

Fact: Former Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire sent his Mercedes loan car back to the dealership while filming The Great Gatsby in Australia - because it had leather upholstery. According to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' quarterly magazine Animal Times, the vegetarian actor decided to get behind the wheel of a luxury motor Down Under - but he couldn't stomach the idea of sitting in leather seats, so he asked his car finder to send him another Mercedes fitted with animal-friendly vinyl.

26th August 2011

Fact: Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire took time out from filming The Great Gatsby in Sydney, Australia on Thursday (25Aug11) to enjoy a ride in a vintage, red-and-cream coloured 1929 Duesenberg convertible car.

17th June 2011

Fact: Tobey Maguire showed his support for his upcoming The Great Gatsby co-star Carey Mulligan by going to see her perform on the New York stage in Through a Glass Darkly on Tuesday (14Jun11).

26th January 2011

Quote: "Andrew is a great actor. I’ve been a fan of his. I saw Boy A, which I loved, a bit ago.., and, of course, The Social Network. I’m a fan. I’m excited to see what they do." Tobey Maguire can't wait to see Andrew Garfield in the new Spider-Man movie.

2nd December 2010

Fact: Robert Redford's 2011 Sundance Film Festival is set to be a star-studded affair - Al Pacino, Katie Holmes, Kevin Spacey and Tobey Maguire are among the actors who will premiere movies at the January (11) event. Spacey's Margin Call will be viewed for the first time alongside Maguire's domestic drama The Details, while Pacino and Holmes will close the festival with the post-9/11 drama The Son of No One.

16th March 2010

Fact: Tobey Maguire is in talks to play chessmaster BOBBY FISCHER in new film Pawn Sacrifice.

11th February 2010

Fact: The upcoming Spider-Man prequel will be swinging into cinemas in 3-D. The film, which will see a new actor replace former leading man Tobey Maguire, is slated for a 2012 release.

22nd January 2010

Quote: "It's sad to see it end. I think for Sam it was time for him to move on and so we're all going to move on with him. But we've had a good 10 years." Spider-Man star Kirsten Dunst on the news that director Sam Raimi and leading man Tobey Maguire have quit the superhero franchise.

7th January 2010

Quote: "I'd love to do a comedy with him, and Jake's great - a very funny guy. It would be great to do something with him again." Tobey Maguire wants to get funny with movie pal Jake Gyllenhaal after the pair played siblings in tense drama BROTHERS.

31st December 2009

Quote: "When you make movies you travel all over the world and don't get to see the people you love as much as you would like. My resolution is to make time to see them more. They are what's really important in this world." Hollywood actor Tobey Maguire wants to make more time for his loved ones in 2010.

24th November 2009

Quote: "I was eating 1,200 calories a day in five or six meals and I was working out twice a day to the point where if I stood up quickly I would start to blackout." Tobey Maguire on how he lost weight for his new role as a returning war veteran in BROTHERS.

24th November 2009

Quote: "People have very often said to me that I look like Tobey. To all those cab drivers in New York, I'm not Spider-Man!" Jake Gyllenhaal is often mistaken for his The Brothers co-star Tobey Maguire.

24th November 2009

Quote: "I'd like to tell all the cab drivers in New York that I'm not Spider-Man." Jake Gyllenhaal on being mistaken for his BROTHERS co-star Tobey Maguire.

28th July 2009

Fact: Tobey Maguire's mum and brother are set to appear in their own U.S. reality show. WENDY MAGUIRE will shoot GROWING UP MAGUIRE with the Spider-Man star's younger sibling WESTON, who is an aspiring young actor.

4th July 2009

Fact: Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire has chosen the name Otis Tobias for his newborn son. The tot was born on 8 May (09).

3rd January 2009

Fact: Kate Hudson was sent home from school for wearing short skirts, according to Tobey Maguire's jewellery designer wife JENNIFER MEYER, who has known the actress since they were children.

17th November 2008

Quote: "I see these guys with their families, and it reaffirms for me that I definitely want a kid someday. I absolutely believe in marriage." Leonardo Dicaprio on seeing his friends Tobey Maguire, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon become parents.

25th September 2008

Fact: Tobey Maguire, Forest Whitaker and Jennifer Aniston have all shot a register-to-vote ad at Leonardo Dicaprio's Los Angeles home.

24th March 2008

Fact: Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire has paid around $10 million (GBP5 million) for a home site in Brentwood, California.

30th November 2007

Quote: "I'm not an idiot, and I understand that you can only survive in this business if you have a certain amount of cachet that comes from your movies making money. But if I can circumnavigate the whole superhero character catapulting me into that realm, then that's what I want to do." 30 DAYS OF NIGHT star Josh Hartnett never wants go down the route of Tobey Maguire and Christian Bale by playing a superhero character.

14th October 2007

Fact: ENTOURAGE star Kevin Connolly was supposed to be the best man at Pamela Anderson and RICK SALOMON's wedding last weekend (06Oct07) in Las Vegas, but he missed his plane. Actors Tobey Maguire and Lukas Haas were among the 50 guests at the last-minute Mirage Hotel + Casino nuptials.

13th September 2007

Fact: Tobey Maguire is set to reteam with PLEASANTVILLE co-star Reese Witherspoon and SEABISCUIT director Gary Ross for a new romantic comedy action movie called TOKYO SUCKERPUNCH.

29th May 2007

Quote: "I was an angry kid when I was starting out. I was like, 'Oh, if I ever go to the Academy Awards, I'm gonna wear shorts and a T-shirt because who the hell are they to tell me what to wear?" Tobey Maguire on his pre-success attitude.

28th May 2007

Fact: Tobey Maguire won the role of Spider-Man by donning an all-blue unitard and fighting with his stunt double at his audition.

12th May 2007

Quote: "I'm not into sugar for kids, but you don't want your kid to be the carrot kid. There's always the kid at the birthday parties carrying a bag of carrots. You've got to let them eat a little cake." Actor Tobey Maguire plans a liberal approach to parenting his baby daughter.

4th May 2007

Quote: "The webs are cool, but if you don't have the super-strength to deal with them, then I'd just be a weakling dangling on a rope." Actor star Tobey Maguire could never just pick one of Spider-Man's super powers.

23rd April 2007

Fact: Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire almost became a chef like his father Vincent, until his mother Wendy gave him $100 (GBP60) to take drama classes instead.

10th April 2007

Quote: "Our feet were higher than our heads and we had to be kiss and be all lovey-dovey; I was just like wanting to throw up." Kirsten Dunst admits kissing Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 3 left a lot to be desired.

10th April 2007

Quote: "When she smiles, it's the most fantastic thing ever. It's not like I didn't expect that. I expected to fall completely in love with my child." Tobey Maguire is head over heels in love with his baby daughter RUBY.

18th March 2007

Quote: "I think TOBEY would do it, of course he would." Kirsten Dunst is convinced her Spider-Man co-star Tobey Maguire will return for a fourth movie.

6th March 2007

Fact: Blockbuster sequel Spider-Man 3 will have its star-studded premiere in Japan. Studio bosses have shunned Hollywood to launch the movie in Tokyo. The Tobey Maguire-starring film will also open in Japanese movie theatres three days before the rest of the world, on 1 May (07).

24th July 2006

Quote: "It's a little sleeker, a little sexier. A lot like me." Spider-Man 3 star Tobey Maguire describes his new black costume.

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