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Jenna Jameson Isn't Impressed

Jenna Jameson isn't impressed by celebrity sex tape stars.The ex-porn star believes lots of famous people film themselves in intimate situations on purpose and they should stop pretending to be shocked when the 'private' footage...

Tito Ortiz Denies Jenna Jameson's Claims Of Drug Use And Child Neglect

Tito Ortiz had a pretty heavy accusation thrown his way by former wife and ex-porn star Jenna Jameson, with the latter accusing Ortiz of drug use and of preventing her from seeing their twin children....

Jenna Jameson Writes Erotic Novel

Jenna Jameson has written an erotic novel.The ex-porn star's first foray into fiction, 'Sugar', will be published in October and the story revolves around a former X-rated actress who moves to New York City to...

Jenna Jameson Held For Suspected Dui

Former pornographic actress Jenna Jameson was arrested in the early hours of Friday 25th for apparently driving under the influence of alcohol, ABC News reports.Jameson was arrested early in Southern California after she struck a...

Jameson 'Passes Drug Test'

Former porn star JENNA JAMESON has reportedly passed a drug test in a bid to disprove her boyfriend TITO ORTIZ's claims she's hooked on painkillers.The mixed martial arts champion accused Jameson of harbouring a secret...

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