Tish Cyrus went to therapy with Dominic Purcell just two weeks after she met him.

The 57-year-old producer split from country star Billy Ray Cyrus, 62, in 2022 after almost three decades of marriage and then tied the knot with Dominic, 54, in August last year but revealed that she joined him in his usual counselling sessions very early on in their relationship.

Speaking on her 'Sorry We're Stoned' podcast, she said: "He was just so different in every aspect of the relationship that I had been in. As a matter of fact, in the first week that we met, he had told me that he does therapy once a month, and he has for like, 20 years. I went to therapy with him. It was so cool. Like, two weeks in."

Tish - who is mother to 'Flowers' hitmaker Miley, 30, and Noah, 24, with Billy Ray but also has Brandi, 37, and Trace, 35, from her first marriage to Baxter Neal Helson - also noted that she was left shocked when Dominic told her he had no intention of "pushing" her into anything romantic so soon after her divorce.

Tish - who hosts the podcast with her eldest daughter - said: "One of the first things he said in therapy was, ‘I just want to make sure that I’m not pushing Tish too fast into a new relationship. She’s just gone through a divorce and I want to really learn how to walk her through that in the best way possible.’ And I was just like, ‘Whoa,'.

"After a month, when we really knew it was something great, he was like, ‘The only thing I want to do is feel like this is my chance to be the best version of myself. Not only for you, for my children, for everyone I've never seen anybody work on themselves so much."

“Anyway, Dom’s awesome. He’s great. He’s just really stepped up and shown up and done it all right