The Birds star, who is the president of the Roar Foundation charity and runs a big cat sanctuary in rural California, is one of the many celebrities who have spoken out against Dr. Walter Palmer, who shot and killed the Cecil the lion with a crossbow during a hunting expedition earlier this month (Jul15).

His guides had allegedly lured the big cat, who had become famous for his black mane, out of Hwange National Park, and Palmer subsequently issued a statement detailing his regret, insisting he had no idea the lion had protected status.

After the story broke, thousands of animal lovers slammed Palmer, and now Hedren tells Entertainment Tonight that she was shocked by the horrifying news.

She says, "It actually affected me physically. We have reached a time in our world where we are all aware of the fact that within not too many years, there won't be any wild animals anymore. And it's partly because of the Great White Hunter... It is the kind of thing where they can kill without feeling anything."

Hedren's passion for protecting lions has been prevalent for decades, and her Shambala Preserve sanctuary has rescued more than 230 big cats since 1972.