Veteran actress Tippi Hedren is refusing to take her daughter Melanie Griffith's advice to shut down her big cat animal sanctuary, despite struggling to raise the funds needed to keep the venue running.

The Birds star founded the animal rescue habitat Shambala Preserve in 1983 and, 20 years on, she continues to work overtime to draw in the money required to cover the park's hefty bills, even though Griffith wants her 83-year-old mum to take it easy.

She tells New York Post columnist Cindy Adams, "I'm not really Ok (financially). I'm kind of ekeing it through.

"I take no money (from the sanctuary). It's all privately funded. Last year I raised $1 million. My animals need the money.

"Melanie hasn't this interest (in her animal sanctuary). She says it's too hard to raise the money. She tells me to quit. But I can't do that."