Tinie Tempah says Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are ''humble people''.

The '5 Minutes' rapper met the famous couple at the BAFTAs and described them as ''very beautiful'', insisting they made me realise it is possible to be a star ''without become a real a-hole''.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday newspaper's Event magazine, he said: ''I met Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the BAFTAs.

''They're both very beautiful people, in every sense - the aesthetics are amazing - but I always looked for humility in these kinda stars and they really are humble people.

''They offer you hope that you can reach the heights of stardom without becoming a real a-hole.''

However, Tinie was less than impressed with Gary Barlow, insisting despite his talent ''as a songwriter'' he has lost respect for the Take That star after it emerged he'd been caught up in a tax avoidance scheme.

He insisted: ''That tax thing is a bit annoying. Actually, it makes me angry because I pay my taxes.

''Apparently there are people fighting Barlow's corner saying, 'Let him keep the money'.

''Like, really? I respect him as a songwriter but not as a taxpayer.''