Tinie Tempah says lockdown ''hasn't been too bad''.

The 'Pass Out' hitmaker - who has a daughter, but has not revealed her name - is worried how the coronavirus pandemic has affected young children, as they have been forced away from their friends.

He said: ''It hasn't been too bad. I feel for the people who have kids at school at the moment, that's going to be a new kind of shock. Imagine those kids who are used to interacting with all their friends, and all of a sudden they're not able to see them. That must be crazy. My daughter doesn't know what's going on. She's only one and a half. She doesn't like the face masks but we've got her a cool visor. We're trying to convince her that it's a really cool accessory!''

And Tinie also revealed he was struggling to find an animated television series for his daughter to watch which has ''good representation of her as a black girl''.

He added to the MailOnline: ''I'm big on animation. And I recently put out a tweet for my daughter. I was looking for TV shows that had a good representation of her as a little black girl. I was looking through all these different programmes and I was really noticing that it's difficult. When it comes to literature there's loads more options available. But in terms of your average programme, there isn't really that much representation of a young black girl, someone like her. I put out a tweet and [was told about] JoJo & Gran Gran, which is amazing, it's the first animation in England with an all black cast.

''Then Laura [Henry Allain], the creator of it, she reached out and spoke to me about exploring that and creating something further and maybe collaborating on something new or different.''