Tinie Tempah says rap music is the ''new rock 'n' roll''.

The 'Pass Out' hitmaker - who now releases music under the moniker Tinie - believes the rock scene has become dull and rap has taken over as the ''leading genre''.

Tinie hailed grime stars Wiley and Stormzy's recent ruckus and savage rap battle on Twitter for recreating the same ''hype and drama'' Britpop rivals Oasis and Blur caused in the 90s.

He told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: ''It had the whole country talking.

''The hype and drama of it was like Oasis and Blur and we haven't seen that in a long time.

''In what other genres of music do you get that level of excitement? ''There's none.

''''Rap music globally is the new rock 'n' roll.''

The 31-year-old star also admitted he thinks often when rappers and people of colour are seen to be acting up, it's often seen as ''negative'', but if it's a rocker, their antics are passed off as ''punkish rock star behaviour''.

He added: ''Sometimes I find that when it's within the context of black music and rap it can be seen as negative whereas when it's in the context of rock music it can just be seen as punkish rock star behaviour.

''It's almost celebrated like, 'He got p***ed and chucked his award at someone's face and he threw his TV out the window, that's iconic.'

''But when it's in the narrative of rappers or guys wearing hoods it can be seen as bad and I think the conversation that we're having now is great.

''Now we are the leading genre.

''We have all the artists people are intrigued by.''

The 'Written In The Stars' hitmaker recently made a comeback with new song 'Top Winners' with Not3s and he has just dropped Tion Wayne collaboration, 'Moncler'.

Tinie also has a song called 'Fetish' featuring Jason Derulo in the bag.

But the London-born star admitted he was gutted that he turned down the chance to appear on the latter's mega-hit 'Talk Dirty' in 2013, which also featured 2 Chainz.

He confessed: ''At that time I released a song called Trampoline which didn't end up to be as big.''