Tina Fey won't let her daughters wear make-up until they're 14.

The '30 Rock' star has two girls - Alice, six, and seven-month-old Penelope - with husband Jeffrey Richmond and while her eldest is already into fashion, Tina doesn't want them to look older than they are.

Speaking about Alice, Tina told People magazine: ''She's not into princesses anymore. One day she said, 'Mom, I'm not into that. I'm into fashion.'

''Alice has play make-up, or she's played with my make-up. But I'm hoping [she doesn't really wear it] till at least 14. I was maybe in eighth Grade when I got some, like, coloured lip gloss or poorly applied base.''

While Alice is already showing signs of being a fashionista, Tina says she doesn't get it from her.

She said: ''It's weird. I almost don't have time during the year to wear clothes. I sort of roll out of bed into some pair of jeans and the top of my pyjamas, come [to work] and then put on clothes. Then at the end of the day I put the pyjama top back on and go home.''