Tina Fey struggled with boys at school because she was a "nerd".

The 'Mean Girls' creator - who has brought the musical adaptation of the 2004 teen comedy blockbuster to the big screen this year - has admitted she didn't have much luck finding a boyfriend as a kid.

She told Australia's WHO magazine: "I was a total nerd. A theatre nerd. I was all big hair and turtle-neck sweaters. I had no luck with boys whatsoever but I was a pretty good student."

The 53-year-old former 'SNL' writer and cast member also confessed she could be a "mean girl" like Regina George at school and that she faced her fair share of bullies.

She said: "Yeah, there were real "Mean Girls" in my life back in my high school days, for sure.

In hindsight, I was maybe a "Mean Girl" to some degree for a while. I remember being a freshman and an older girl coming up to me. She told me I was pretty and when I thanked her she was like, 'Oh, so you think you're pretty?' It was a trap and I knew it.

But Janis' storyline of being sucked into the whole revenge thing, sitting at the back of the class, talking about everybody else was definitely something I experienced.

Thankfully, I got out of it. I'm 53 now, but I still think about it. I think all women, all people, have a Mean Girls moment to remember. You've either been mean, been a victim of meanness or both."

Tina - who has daughters Alice, 18, and Penelope, 12, with producer husband Jeff Richmond - says it's harder on young people today with social media making it easier to pick on people.

She said: "I have daughters, I know they do. It's a lot and with social media it's all the time now. And it's not just girls and teenagers.

It's everywhere. I actually think women are doing better now, but I think Mean Girls behaviour has kind of spread to everyone. That kind of relational aggression is everywhere."