Tina Fey has addressed the talk of an upcoming Mean Girls sequel in response to the rumors which have reached a maximum as the 2004 comedy movie's 10 year anniversary rolls into view. Fey was direct in putting the rumour to bed when she appeared on Jimmy Fallon's inaugural episode of The Tonight Show, however the actress did allude to a potential 10 year meet-up for the cast to mark the occasion.

Tina Fey
Tina Fey Has Stomped On The Recent 'Mean Girls' Sequel Rumours.

The 30 Rock star said "At most, it would be like a panel discussion with a plate of hot wings. It's definitely not a movie." When asked if she had written another movie, she replied "No! I wish I had written a movie. No, it's just [...] Mostly we're trying to get a party going." Fey offered some hope when she revealed that she and her husband, the composer Jeff Richmond, are currently developing a musical stage adaptation of the oft-quoted teen flick.

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Diehard fans of the franchise may remember the 2011 TV movie sequel, Mean Girls 2, which followed a similar plot to its predecessor but had none of the core cast or Fey's razor-sharp writing so failed to capitalise on the original success of Mean Girls. The fate of this easily-forgotten, dodgy reboot serves as a damning warning notice for any official sequel.

Mean Girls 2 may have stood up on its own if it hadn't been overshadowed by Mean Girls from the off. Rather than bringing any new angle on the franchise, such as issues like cyber bullying, the Melanie Mayron-directed movie rehashed the jokes and scenes of its predecessor with little critical or commercial success after the initial buzz.

Lindsay Lohan
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There have been plenty of sequels made for movies that really, really didn't warrant one ('Grown Ups 2'?) and a hastily made sequel only represents the greed of Hollywood rather than the wishes of fans. Fey's career has come a long way since writing her 2004 screenplay debut and for a comedy talent who rarely sets a foot wrong, a brick wall approach to an extension of her most successful project is probably a wise move.