Tina Barrett says there can't be an S Club 7 reunion without all seven members agreeing to it.

The late 90s pop group got back together in 2015 for a UK arena tour, and although Tina, Hannah Spearritt, Bradley McIntosh and Rachel Stevens - who will appear on our screens as a contestant on ITV’s ‘Dancing on Ice’ - are all “up for it” they won't do it without the other three.

Speaking on ‘The Hundamental Guide to Life’ podcast, she told host Gareth Howells: “I have to say, some of the members are up for it. I can actually say who.

“I know Rachel wants to do it, Hannah wants to do it. I would definitely love to do it, and Brad. But obviously we need all seven so we are going to see what happens really. More than half are up for it so you never know.”

Tina - who has five-year-old son Roman - did not name check her other bandmates, Jo O’Meara, Jon Lee and Paul Cattermole, implying that they were less than willing to have an ‘S Club Party’.

On the podcast, Tina also spoke about the famous skimpy red dress she wore to the S Club 7 film premiere in 2003 while her bandmates opted to go a bit more subdued and covered up.

Tina - who was 26 at the time - said: “To be honest, I thought the others were going to go dressy but they weren’t at all! They were literally covered from head to toe so it looked even more crazy."

She also highlighted a gap music nowadays to be more “uplifting and positive”, like the records S Club did.

Tina explained: “'That period of time, the music was so uplifting and so positive – I think people are missing that because you don’t have those fun bands where the music is a little bit tongue in cheek and lots of fun.”