Former S CLUB singer Tina Barrett is set to sign a new record contract - a week after the British chart-toppers split.

The 26-year-old brunette - who was reportedly dubbed "plank" by her ex-bandmates - has been offered a $750,000 (GBP500,000) deal with UNIVERSAL, and hit songwriter CATHY DENNIS is being lined up to help her compose a solo album.

The news is said to have stunned the other members of the REACH group.

A source close to S CLUB tells British tabloid the DAILY MAIL, "No-one could believe it when rumours suggested Tina was being offered a deal. She was always pushed to the background and I think most people had written her off.

"She was only really a dancer in the band. She was never allowed to sing the big solos. I think she could be the great talent to come out of the group."

02/05/2003 13:38