Former S CLUB singer Tina Barrett has been secretly seeing rocker FRED DURST - but has dropped him in favour of Friends hunk David Schwimmer.

The DON'T STOP MOVIN' beauty, 27, reportedly enjoyed a string of dates with the smitten Limp Bizkit frontman when he visited her native England two weeks ago.

But Tina was quick to end their burgeoning romance when Schwimmer wooed her at this week's GLAMOUR magazine WOMAN OF THE YEAR AWARDS (8JUN04).

A source tells the NEWS OF THE WORLD newspaper, "As soon as Fred set eyes on Tina he made it clear he liked her and she thought he was good fun.

"But when David came along there was no question who she'd go for - and who'd be better for her career."

However, the source says sensible Tina didn't stay the night with Schwimmer after the lavish bash.

The source adds, "She refused to go any further with him because she thinks this relationship has got legs.

"He's gone to Spain for 10 days but they'll hook up when he returns."

13/06/2004 14:01