The newest high profile celebrity romance might also hold the records for youngest celebs to be attached publicly – Timotheé Chalamet is dating Lourdes Leon. One is acting on the popular series ‘Homeland’, the other is a successful designer at 16 and the daughter of none other than Madonna herself. The pair met at the renowned LaGuardia High School of Music & Art & Performing Arts in NYC.

A source tells the New York Post it is 'common knowledge at the school that the pair are dating.' It’s debatable whether the new couple is boosting the profile of LaGuardia or the other way around. Last month Lurdes and Timotheé were featured, alongside other students at the prestigious school, New York Magazine's Reasons to Love New York issue, under the heading 'Because La Guardia High School is Still Churning Out Talent.' So they definitely look like a promising young couple.

It’s not all sunshine and roses though. Lurdes’s parents – Madge and actor and personal trainer Carlos Leon, definitely have some strict rules for their little girl and any potential boyfriends. When asked about Lourdes dating a few years ago, Leon said 'I'm dreading it... I want her to stay young forever. I'm already overprotective, so when the time comes, I will be ready to have a talk with the guy she brings through the door. He better be ready because I'll give him the run-down!'

Timotheé Chalamet, Entertainment Weekly SAG Party
Timotheé Chalamet better be prepared for some strict parental control from Madge and Carlos

 Chalamet is in the year before Leon, so he’ll graduate in 2013, while Lurdes’ won’t finish high school until next year. The plan is to then move out and pay out of her own pocket for an education at Bard College. At least then she’ll be able to go around her folks’ rules.