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30 September 2002

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Getting Down With Timo Maas

When you began making music, did you plan to be so well received in Britain?
Well, I didn't plan it but I hoped it obviously. The music I make has more of a UK feel to it than a German feel and I knew the UK would respond better.

Most people who are into your music have made you an Honorary British citizen … other than Alec Empire, who has a totally different sound to you, there aren't many Germans or Europeans to have become so successful over here … do you therefore feel your music has quite a worldwide sound?
Well I think the music my production partner Martin and I make together is universal in the sense that it's funky and dancing is universal but as I mentioned it didn't have a very German sound so it's taken a lot longer to take off there than in the UK or the states.

How long have you been making music for?
I first went into a studio eight years ago

How do you take to today's music scene in general … particularly in the UK there has been a total rock revival … do you like all the different sounds of today?
I've been fascinated by music for so long that I have seen it change styles and fashions so much. I've always liked all the different styles there are.

What are you listening to at the moment?
The new Red Hot Chilli Peppers and lots and lots of new dance music. I think that takes up most of my time. Listening to new 12"'s

What are your ultimate goals in music?
To keep being fresh and in demand hopefully

Timo Maas Interview @ www.contactmusic.com
Timo Maas Interview @ www.contactmusic.com
Timo Maas Interview @ www.contactmusic.com

After a long day how to you unwind? Any hobbies?
Smoking weed, cooking and nurturing my wine collection.

You played at Glastonbury … do you enjoy playing festivals or do you prefer playing club nights?
I never really went for festivals until this year where I did so many and I loved them all. I underestimated how much fun they were going to be

Did you go and see any other bands at Glastonbury?
No Time unfortunately, I came in from Roskilde and needed to leave immediately back to germany

How do you go about creating tracks?
Martin and I start programming grooves together and the studio in which we work has a lot of floating musicians so we use them once the grooves are down and then were necessary we add vocals

You have already collaborated with plenty of artists on 'Loud', but if you were going to pick someone else, who would it be?
I'd love to do something with David Bowie and Brian Molko

You will naturally be very proud of 'Loud', but what are your favourite tracks on it?
Help Me

Listen to Timo's New Single ' Help Me' Includes Deep Dish & Kamanchi Remixes


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